Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

5/5 (1)
5 nights
Guided from EUR € 2995
Self guided from EUR € 2995
Bike tour in Holland
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

5/5 (1)

Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

5 nights

Guided from EUR € 2995
Self guided from EUR € 2995
Bike tour in Holland

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  • Explore the Netherlands on a tailor-made bike tour through scenic countryside, historic villages, and iconic windmills

    A custom-made cycling tour in Holland promises an unforgettable adventure tailored precisely to your interests! Imagine cruising through the Dutch countryside, where tulip fields stretch as far as the eye can see, offering a stunning array of colors in the spring.

    Love history and culture? We’ve got you covered with customized routes that take you through enchanting villages like Giethoorn and Zaanse Schans, where you can explore windmills, taste world-famous cheeses, and watch artisans at work.

    For a mix of nature and urban excitement, pedal your way to lively cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. Hop off your bike to visit quirky museums, savor delicious street food, and glide through the iconic canals.

    Nature lovers will be in paradise cycling through the serene Hoge Veluwe National Park or the breathtaking Wadden Sea, perfect for spotting wildlife and enjoying a scenic picnic.

    With our knowledge and personalized approach, your bespoke cycling tour will be crafted to ensure every moment is packed with fun and discovery. So why wait? Book with us, and let’s turn your dream custom-tailored cycling adventure in Holland into a reality!

    • Zaanse Schans, Holland. GettyImages@Unsplash
    • Bakery in Amsterdam. TamaraGore@Unsplash
    • Boats in the Dordrecht Harbor. Hollandfotograaf
    • Vlissengen, Holland. Hollandfotograaf
    • Dordrecht, South Holland. Hollandfotograaf
    • De Haar Castle, Holland. Hollandfotograaf
    • Cheese Market in Holland. DanielaPaolaAlchapar@unsplash
    • Goedereede Market, South Holland. Hollandfotograaf

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    • Amsterdam: Canals, museums, and Anne Frank House.
    • Tulip Fields: Stunning spring blooms and Keukenhof Gardens.
    • Windmills: Historic sites at Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk.
    • Historic Villages: Giethoorn’s canals and Edam’s cheese markets.
    • Rotterdam: Modern architecture and Europe’s largest port.
    • Utrecht: Medieval center, unique canals, and Dom Tower.
    • Wadden Sea: UNESCO site and biodiversity.
    • Waterways and Canals: Charming canals in Leiden and Delft.

    For those one-day excursions that maximize each adventure, take a look at our day tours to add to your itinerary.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland


  • Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Crafting a bespoke cycling tour in Holland allows you to create the ideal journey based on your passions, pace, and preferences. Explore a range of destinations and activities, including off-the-beaten-path locations and themed experiences like cheese tasting or historical explorations. Rely on the expertise of our tour specialists, with ongoing support throughout the planning and touring process. Share your interests with us, and let's bring your Dutch cycling adventure to life!

    Tulip Fields:
    Explore the famous tulip fields in Lisse during springtime, visit the stunning Keukenhof Gardens, and discover the historic charm of Haarlem.

    Windmill Sites:
    Experience the iconic windmills at Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk, offering insights into Dutch heritage and craftsmanship.

    Coastal Towns:
    Enjoy cycling along the North Sea coast, stopping at picturesque seaside towns like Scheveningen and exploring the beaches and local culture of Zeeland.

    Historical Villages:
    Discover quaint Dutch villages such as Giethoorn with its scenic canals, Edam known for its cheese markets, and Volendam with its fishing traditions.

    Countryside Exploration:
    Cycle through the scenic landscapes of the Hoge Veluwe National Park, known for its forests and wildlife, and explore the cultural richness of Arnhem, including its open-air museum.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

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  • Accommodation


    What's your preference? Are you more drawn to cozy family-run B&Bs or luxurious accommodations? Either way, anticipate excellent service and convenient locations, ensuring easy access to nearby attractions and dining options.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

     Daily program Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Daily arrivals, March - November


    The price will fluctuate based on factors such as tour duration, destination, accommodation level, and bike rental options.

    To help us design a personalized experience that matches your preferences, please take a moment to answer the questions below. Once you have your answers, contact us [HERE]. One of our tour specialists will review your information and reach out to discuss your options!

    1. How many days do you plan to spend cycling?
    2. Do you prefer a self-guided tour or a guided one?
    3. What level of accommodations are you looking for? (e.g., 3-star, 4-star)
    4. What are your travel dates or date range?
    5. How many people are in your group, including children and their ages?
    6. What are your desired towns or destinations?
    7. Do you have predetermined arrival and departure points?
    8. How many rooms will you need, and what types (single, twin, double)?
    9. Which type of bike do you prefer? (Touring, road, mountain, gravel, or e-bike)
    10. What is your preferred daily cycling distance and difficulty (including elevation gain)?
    11. Do you have specific interests, such as history, beaches, wine, nature, or cultural activities?
    12. Are there any additional details or preferences we should know about? (e.g., preferred route, rest days, other interests)

    Included services

    • Tailor-made tour preparations
    • Accommodation reservations for the duration of your tour
    • In-depth welcome meeting, equipment delivery, and post-tour briefing
    • Pre-tour details (route overview, accommodation list, tourist info)
    • Top-quality touring bike, electrically-assisted bike, road bike, or mountain bike.
    • Luggage transfer or panniers if you prefer to cycle completely independently
    • GPS with your personal itineraries, maps, and route descriptions
    • Tourist information
    • 24-hour support throughout your tour

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

     Accommodation Other Details 

  • Surface and terrain

    Cycle routes in Holland typically have flat terrain and smooth surfaces, suitable for cyclists of all levels. The landscape includes vast polders, meandering rivers, and extensive canal networks, with occasional gentle slopes. Cyclists can use well-maintained asphalt paths, designated cycling lanes, and dedicated bike trails that pass through scenic countryside, charming villages, and urban areas. Holland's cycling infrastructure provides clear signage, rest areas, and amenities like bike rental stations and repair shops, ensuring a pleasant cycling experience for riders exploring this bike-friendly nation.

    How to get there

    The easiest way to reach Holland is by flying into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Once there, you can navigate the country easily using Holland's extensive train system for intercity travel.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

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    • J. Henderson 1 week ago

      Perfect Custom Bike Tour in Holland!

      I've had the opportunity to bike all over the world, exploring many beautiful places. Among all these destinations, Holland stands out as a cyclist's paradise. As many of you know, Holland is renowned for its excellent biking infrastructure and scenic routes. When I decided to explore Holland, I chose to book through, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. The team at was incredibly accommodating and tailored a custom tour just for us. They took care of everything, from planning the perfect routes to arranging comfortable hotels, delicious food, and immersive cultural experiences. Our custom tour in Holland was nothing short of perfect, thanks to

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Holland

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