Help: Find a bike tour

The huge variety of tours on our site means you’ll have to narrow the selection down! We have several ways to help you do that on our site, but you can also contact our tour experts with questions or for advice.

Getting started

You'll need to start by make some key decisions about what kind of bike tour you’re looking for. There's a lot of helpful information under "Find your tour" on this site, including pointers on:

You can also start by asking yourself these top 10 questions and downloading our free guide, "How to plan an overseas bike tour."

Searching for a tour

On the homepage, you’ll find three primary ways of finding a tour:

  • Our "Top 10 lists" takes you to list of the top 10 tours for several categories of client favorites.
  • Beneath "Top 10 lists," you can view tours by destination. Just click the plus sign (+) next to a country name to expand a list of that country's tours.
  • In the left column, "Quick search" lets you jump to a list of tours by country, by interest, or by month.

From the site navigation bar toward the top of the page, you can access two other pages. Move your cursor over "Find a tour," and click on:

  • View all tours, which is the best way to see all tours at one time, grouped by country.
  • Tour search, which offers three ways to find your tour:
    – Quick search - By country, by interest, or by month.
    – Advanced search – Here you can select by country and region, by month, by level of difficulty, by type of tour (guided or self-guided), by tour duration and by average daily distance. Select from any or all of these criteria to get a list of tours that meet your specific needs and preferences, or leave some as “All” or “No preference” to get broader search results.
    – Top searches – These links take you to a list of all tours for that category, interest, or destination.

Search results

All searches take you to summaries of the tours that match your search criteria. Simply click on any tour name, and you'll come to a page with detailed information on that tour. Within that page, you can click to see details on tour highlights, pricing, dates, terrain and setting, travel tips, rental bikes, hotels, and other helpful information. Or go to the gold bar toward the top of the page and click on "Back to results" to get back to your search results.

Refine your search

With nearly 300 tours on our site, the results can often be overwhelming. To help you sort through to find your perfect tour, you can use the "Refine search results" column on the left side of the search results page.

Beneath each preference, you'll see different categories and the number of tours that match each category. For example, under "Level of difficulty," you might see:

Easy (14)
Leisure (27)
Moderate (12)
Challenging (3)

Simply click on the category that matches your preferences.  If you select Leisure, for example, your list will shorten to just 27 tours. Continue refining your choices until you find the perfect tour(s)!

Broaden your search

If you find you've refined your search too much, you can always "undo" your choice of preferences and get a broader list by clicking the X next to your selections. You'll see these at the top of the "Refine your search" section.

Start a new search

Of course, you can always start a new search by clicking on the "New search" button at the bottom of the "Refine your search" section.

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