Tgroups_group_photo-300x225 Groupsaking a bicycle tour with a group of friends or family is a fun and memorable experience, and we make the planning and booking process easy. With the large selection on our site, it’s easy to find a tour to fit your group’s dream destination, interests, ability level, and budget. Customizations are available on some tours and we can help you navigate the options to hone an existing trip on our site into a program that will please your entire party. And often the pricing can be structured to help cover the group organizer’s tour cost!

Looking to organize a trip for your club? We have programs for clubs too!

Tips from a pro

The late David Lamb has been organizing large groups of friends for overseas bike tours for the last 20 years. Check out his tips for organizing group tours on our blog!

Getting started

We’ve helped hundreds of clients put together great trips with groups from eight to 200+ people. Call us at (877) 462-2423 or email [email protected].

A few things to consider to get a head start:

  • Destination(s)
  • Tour duration
  • Departure date (range)
  • Average miles per day
  • Rider level
  • Type of bike (road, MTB, or a combination)
  • Interests (history, castles, scenery, beer, culinary, wine, hiking)
  • Maximum cost per person (including airfare)
  • Make up of your party (age, singles/couples/families, leisure/competitive)
  • Number of people (best guess)