Take a spin at green travel – Tour by bike!

“Green travel” is more than a catch phrase or trend. It’s a move to gain a greater understanding of other cultures while respecting the environment and conserving resources. Green travel isn’t limited to exotic camping in a dense forest or a yoga retreat in Bali, though. Indeed, there are many ways to reduce your environmental impact when traveling – especially when you choose to travel on two wheels.

By choosing to tour by bicycle, you reduce your carbon footprint, contribute to local economies and protect the destinations you visit for future travelers and people who live there. Bike touring enables you to see countryside, oceanfront, forests, valleys, and mountains—you name it—all from two wheels and independently of bus tours or car rentals.

The world is at your pedal stroke with bicycle tours, and you’re able to experience destinations with no emissions and no barriers—or limitations of car windows. Whether on bike paths or quiet roads, both guided and self-guided tours allow you to experience the locale’s diversity without damaging the surrounding ecosystems through emissions or human impact.

Bike touring also allows travelers to directly support local economies. Buying local, whether from restaurants or shops, or staying at locally owned hotels during a tour supports the towns you visit—and helps guarantee the destination will be just as pleasant for the next traveler.

Give green travel—and bike touring—a try. A cycling tour adventure will expose you to new experiences, different cultures, and destinations – while maintaining your commitment to green travel.