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Tour of Mont Blanc: “High Mountain” Biking in the Alps

“This trip was absolutely amazing.” — Meredith

“This trip was absolutely amazing.” — Meredith

“This trip was absolutely amazing.” — Meredith

“This trip was absolutely amazing.” — Meredith
  • 7 nights | 24 miles/day
  • Guided from: €1495
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Tour description

Seven valleys, 71 glaciers, 400 summits: the Mont Blanc range is inspiring.

Departing from Chamonix, France, we will ride in a clockwise direction, passing through the Martigny Valley, Switzerland, on to Courmayeur, Italy, back into France and return to Chamonix to complete the loop!

The trail brings us through alpine flower covered pastures, passes glacial lakes, skims below glaciers and snowy summits, crosses deep valleys and climbs high altitude passes. Riding around Mont Blanc is about discovering the magic world of "high mountain" biking.

You won't want to miss the chance to climb Grand Col Ferret, follow a stunning balcony trail to view impressive summits like Noire de Peuterey, or descend along some of our favorite technical tracks in the region to Les Mottets.

This tour offers some great technical stretches, and the physicality of the route is sure to please any mountain biker up for a challenge. Let us show you a wonderful time through this part of the Alps.

Daily program

Day 1: Individual arrival
"Meet and greet" at Geneva airport and transfer to Chamonix. Deposit baggage at evening accomodation with views of Mont Blanc. Spend some time unpacking and preparing bikes. Do any last-minute shopping and possibily visit Chamonix town.

Day 2: Chamonix – Trient (19 miles/30 km, overall 1312 ft/400m ascent/3609 ft/1100m descent)
We depart Chamonix in the direction of Switzerland. Passing through the valley of Chamonix to Argentiere and Le Tour. We will take the gondola to the top of the Col de Balme at 7218 ft/2200m, and cross over the Swiss border. The view of the valley of Chamonix from Col de Balme is fantastic, with Mont Blanc as the centerpiece.

Following a splendid singletrack descent we will arrive in the pretty Swiss village of Trient with views up to the glacier of Trient. We will ride down to Martigny via an amazing singletrack above 400m deep canyon to finish the day! A last climb will take us to our overnight stay, with splendid view over the swiss Rhone valley. 

Day 3: Trient – La Fouly (28 miles/45 km, overall 4921 ft/1500m ascent/3609 ft/1100m descent)
Starting with the descent back to Martigny from where the views over the Swiss Alps and the valley of Martigny and its vineyards are vast. A long climb on the road towards Champex and its beautifull lake awaits us before lunch time. The afternoon is a gentle climb in the direction of the Swiss Val Ferret, skimming below glaciers and snowy summits. Arriving in La Fouly, at the foot of the Grand Col Ferret, the Italian Border.

Day 4: La Fouly - Courmayeur (25-33 miles/40-52 km, overall 3280-4594 ft/1000-1400 m ascent/4265-6562 ft/1300-2000 m descent)
Climb Grand Col Ferret, at 8202 ft/2500m we find ourselves in Italy! This is one of the 3 major col passes of this Tour of Mont Blanc. Stunning scenery at the top of the col of the Italian Val Ferret and the Italian side of Mont Blanc (or now Monte Bianco!). Descend to Arnuva and depending on weather condtions and the groups fitness levels, climb to la Lechere to arrive in chic Courmayeur by a superb singletrack. Next stop ice-cream!

Day 5: Courmayeur – Les Mottets (22 miles/35 km, overall 3937 ft/1200 m ascent/4265 ft/1300m descent)
Warm up on the road; then hit the trail to arrive at Lago Checroui facing the Italian side of Mont Blanc. This beautiful balcony trail gives us the chance to see famous summits such as Noire de Peuterey, La Blanche, and the Italian glacier Lago Combal (one of the largest glaciers of the Mont Blanc range). The climb of the Col de la Seigne brings us to the French border and is mostly rideable, however the end is quite steep and you may have to push your bike.

The descent to Les Mottets is a fanstastic, technical (in places) singletrack, where you will find Martial grinning at the bottom as it is one of his favourites! The Refuge des Mottets is a rustic old farmhouse and dairy renovated to welcome trekkers and bikers and is a true alpine experience.

Day 6: Les Mottets – Les Contamines Montjoie (34 miles/55 km, overall 5577 ft/1700m ascent/4921 ft/1500m descent)
Starting with a road climb to Cormet de Roselend, then descend to Lac de Roselend followed by a long climb on a jeep track to the Col de la Gittaz at 7612 ft/2320m.The col offers vast southerly views and of the neighboring summits.

We will then descend to Col du Joly, which is technical (in places), a very short climb and a long semi-technical downhill to the village of Les Contamines Montjoie: 2953 ft/900m of descent on a fabulous singletrack!

Day 7: Les Contamines Montjoie – Chamonix (25 miles/40km, overall 2953 ft/900 m ascent/3937 ft/1200m descent)
Last day but by no means the least.... From Les Contamines Montjoie we will climb to Chalet de Miage, a summer altitude mountain village at the foot of the giant french glacier of Miage, where you will feel tiny compared to the size of these glaciers! From Miage we will climb the Col de Voza above Les Houches and the valley of Chamonix with Mont Blanc back on our righthand side. A final technical downhill to Chamonix to end up back at the base of the "Lord of the Alps."

Dismantle and pack bikes ready for departure the following day. You have earned cold beer or two! 
Overnight in Chamonix.

Day 8: Transfer to Geneva airport
Please make sure to book a late afternoon or evening return flight, due to transfer time to Geneva airport from Grindewald.

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Saturdays: Jun 13-Oct 10, 2020 (minimum 4 participants)



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Prices other than in the local currency are based on current exchange rates and will vary.

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€ 490
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