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On some amazing bicycle journeys throughout the world as I make my way through my bucket list.

I've chosen these tours in part because they are superb programs in some of the world's most compelling destinations. And by featuring and visiting these unique locations, I also hope to promote sustainable travel, expand bicycle tourism, and support local and growing economies in these emerging destinations.

Since I can choose from a wide selection of top tours across the globe, you can be sure the tours I've selected are the best of the best. And, in almost every case, the local tour companies have adapted their standard tours and added special features for my bucket list programs.

- Jim Johnson
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2016 departures

May 13: Medieval Transylvania Heritage tour

On this tour in Transylvania - named a top region by Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2016 - we'll visit remote Romanian villages that have much the same feel they've had since the Middle Ages.

Cycling is mostly along quiet country roads and with relatively short distances so that we have time to enjoy cultural and culinary experiences as well. Get more details >  

July 1, 2016: Albania's UNESCO Sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges

This tour includes a week of cycling followed by three days of kayaking along the "Adriatic Riviera."

Even more so than Romania, visiting Albania is like traveling back in time. Until 1991, when the People's Republic of Albania was dissolved, borders were closed to all foreigners.  Even 25 years later, people in many isolated areas welcome visitors with excitement and curiosity--and warm hospitality. Albania has remained undiscovered by mass tourism, but that will change.  Get more details >

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June 17: Cycling Bulgaria and Greece
This tour takes cyclists across the Balkan Mountain Range, through the rich farming and winemaking region of the Thracian Valley and across the Rhodope Mountains into Greece. From there, the route extends to the coast, where a ferry transports us quickly to the green and peaceful island of Thassos, surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and known for its natural beauty, beaches, inland villages and historic attractions. Along the way, we explore Balkan village life and culture, enjoy Bulgarian wine and cuisine, and experience such highlights as the 14th century Rila Monastery, a World Heritage Site, and the city of Plovdiv, designated a European Capital of Culture for 2010. Lodging is primarily in family-run inns with local charm. Get more details >

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