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On some amazing bicycle journeys throughout Europe as I make my way through my bucket list.

I’ve chosen these tours in part because they are superb programs in some of Europe’s most compelling destinations. And, since I can choose from a wide selection of top tours across the globe, you can be sure the tours I’ve selected are the best of the best.

- Jim Johnson
President and founder,


2018 departures


July 1, 2018: Northern Ireland’s Coastline by Tall Ship and Bike

Explore the dramatic Atlantic Coast of Ireland and Northern Ireland by bike and tall ship! This small and rugged isle, engulfed by the surges of the Atlantic, is a place of diverse natural beauty. We’ll visit areas that few tourists encounter, and where remoteness has preserved a rich, centuries-old culture.

Join me aboard the three-masted, 150-foot tall ship Thalassa, our floating, sailing home for the week. You can even help the crew help lift nearly 9,000 square feet of sail to set the ship in motion.

Note: Very limited space. Book soon!

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July 10, 2018: Salzburg to Prague: through the heart of Europe

Salzburg and Prague form bookends to this compelling tour through the Salzburg Lakes and along the Danube into Bohemia. Starting with the Alps as our backdrop, we will bike through countrysides that epitomize what most people think of when they hear the word “Europe”: deep green forests and rolling hills, small towns watched over by ancient castles, and little villages with church steeples dotting the countryside.  

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September 15, 2018: Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

This bike tour is ideal for travelers with passions both for scenic cycling and for the culinary arts.We’ll get a taste of the best flavors of the classic Sardinian cooking and cycle some of the most scenic coastal roads of the Mediterranean. Most days include a hands-on cooking class or a visit to taste local artisan food. Our dining-out experiences range from a simple osteria to a family trattoria, as well as an elegant restaurant. You will come home inspired with new recipes and an appreciation of locavore eating but, with all the cycling, no extra pounds! The perfect cycling vacation!

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