How to find and choose a tour

  • Where can I find prices?

    On each tour page, click on the Dates & Prices tab and below the dates, you'll find prices. You may need to scroll down a ways to see all the options. And don't forget to choose guided or self-guided, if both options are available.

  • Which guided tours have e-bikes (electric bikes)?
  • As a solo traveler, what are my options?

    Self-guided tours: You're excited about an adventure and schedule that's totally up to you. You're comfortable navigating, communicating, and dining solo.

    • Look for tours without a minimum number of participants.
    • You'll be responsible for a single room surcharge and sometimes a solo traveler surcharge.
    • We cannot confirm if there are other travelers on the date of your tour.
    • We cannot find a roommate or travel partner for you.

    Guided tours: You'd like to join a group. You'll ride, dine, and make new friends with your group mates over the course of the tour.

    • Look for tours with guided departures.
    • You're responsible for the single room surcharge.
    • We can ask the tour operator if there are any other solo travelers seeking a roommate on the departure and tour of interest. Matches are made infrequently.

    Bike and boat tours: You'll travel with a group on and off the bike. Bike and boat tours may be guided, self-guided, or both.

    • Some boats offer single cabins for an additional fee. This fee is often less than the fee for a double cabin for one person.
    • You're responsible for the single cabin surcharge, as determined by the cabin type.
    • We can ask the tour operator if there are any other solo travelers seeking a roommate on the departure and tour of interest. Matches are made infrequently.
  • I am concerned about my fitness level. What do you suggest?

    First, be sure to review the tour's rider level, Surface and Terrain details (under the Program tab), and daily (and average) mileages. This will help provide a full picture of the tour's details.

    Then, consider the following:

    • Are you willing and able (and have the time!) to train up to the tour? If yes, book the higher level tour and start training! Here are our suggestions.
    • If not, book an easier tour knowing you'll feel more relaxed on tour and less stressed preparing for it (like a rider level [1] Leisure tour!)

    • Consider an e-bike. They provide a boost when you pedal, making higher-level tours more accessible.
    • Consider a bike and boat tour or a tour based in one hotel - you'll have options for a rest day or two!
  • My partner and I (or my group members) are at different levels, how do you suggest we take a cycling trip together?

    There are a couple of options for partners and groups of varying levels.

    • Bike and boat tours offer the unique option to skip a day's ride and relax aboard the ship instead of cycling.
    • Guided tours that include support vehicles* include the ability to skip a day's ride by riding in the support vehicle, which can also be utilized to shorten a day's ride.
    • Electric bikes are available on 90% of tours including numerous bike and boat and guided tours. They add a boost to your cycling when you pedal.

    *Be sure to review the 'Included services' on the Dates & Prices tab to see if the tour includes a support van.

    Want to know more? Here's some recommended reading from our blog:

    Different cycling styles, same tour: How to travel with differences
    Tips for traveling with your partner: Our pros (and their SOs) weigh in

  • Do you offer tours with road bikes?

    Yes, some tours offer road bikes, and others are specifically for road bikes.

    Tours that offer road bikes.

    Some road bike recommendations:

    Best of the Algarve by Road Bike
    Catalonia Road Bike Tour: Girona to the Sea
    Umbria Road Cycling: Loop Tour Through Lush and Scenic Landscape

    Please note that many tours do not offer road bikes as they are not appropriate for the terrain (think ancient cobblestone streets)!

  • What's the difference between the various Danube tours?

    Tours along the Danube are quite popular, especially the portion between Passau, Germany, and Vienna (where the route is primarily a riverside bike path). From Vienna to Budapest, the surroundings are more rustic and the route deviates from the river. There are hotel-based and bike and boat options.

    The Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging) is one of our most frequently booked Danube tours. It's a self-guided tour that features 8 nights of the top lodgings along the route from Passau to Vienna.

    The Danube Bike Path 7 Nights (Classic) is one night shorter than the previous tour (Danube Upscale) and offers more basic hotels (category A and B options) as it travels from Passau to Vienna.

    The Danube Family Tour 7 Nights is just that! It's a family friendly tour with shorter daily distances and kid-friendly hotels. It starts in Linz, which is closer to Vienna than Passau, and features a rest day (no cycling).

    Options for the Vienna to Budapest portion include the Vienna to Budapest (Classic) tour which is self-guided and provides a basic level of support (maps, cue sheets (directions), emergency hotline).

    The Vienna to Budapest (Service Plus) tour is a high touch tour. The tour operator provides GPS units, high-quality TREK and SCOTT bikes, an in-depth welcome meeting, and is more involved in various aspects of the tour. The tour documents are written in English, rather than translated. They will provide you will a cell phone and contact person to reach out to if you have any questions along the way. This tour is offered as guided or self-guided.

    Finally, don't miss our bike and boat options, they each offer something a little different in the way of exact itineraries, ride locations, and countries visited. Most start and end in Passau and are a week in duration.

  • What are your top-rated tours?

    Thanks to ratings from our wonderful clients, you can view our Top Rated tours on our site!

    The tours are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and higher! Don't limit yourself to this list--many of the other tours on our site are also rated this high, but we just couldn't fit them all on the list.

  • Can I take two tours back to back?

    Of course!

    Be sure to check that the tours have departure dates that work together, and if you need help planning, let us know!

    We are happy to waive the booking fees for any tour booked (after the first one) in the same calendar year.

  • Can children go on bicycle tours?

    Definitely! Families with children of all ages can take a bike tour.

    Each family's needs and preferences are different, and we recommend family-friendly bicycle tours with families with younger children. Another popular option is tours that are primarily on bicycle paths.

    Families with older children (tweens and teens) can consider most any tour based on the family's abilities (rider level) and preferences. Or check out this list for ideas!

  • What tours would you recommend for families?

    Bicycle tours are a great way for your family to explore a region or country. Together you get a feel for a new terrain, the sights and smells, history, culture, and people - experiences that aren't always possible from a train or rental car. Another bonus for parents? Built-in physical activity every day means worn-out kids at night!

    Quick recommendations:

  • How do you change or edit search results?

    When you do a search, you can select parameters like country, departure month, rider level, average daily distance, and type of tour.

    You can use the filters on the left side of the page to adjust the search results.

    Simply click on a parameter to make selections. If you wish to clear a filter selection, simply click on the "X" next to it or to start over click 'Clear all filters'.

  • Do you have elevation profiles?


    For Active (3), or Enthusiast (4) rider level tours generally yes. Please review the tour page's 'Daily Program', 'Route Map', and 'Surface and Terrain' for insight into the tour, and ask us if you still have questions!

    For Leisure (level 1) or Recreational (2) rider level tours generally no. Elevation profiles are not relevant. You can search for additional material online, and be sure to review the tour page's 'Daily Program', 'Route Map', and 'Surface and Terrain' for insight.

  • What would you recommend for a first-time bicycle tourist?

    Here are some of our favorite tours that offer shorter daily distances, flatter terrain, peaceful settings, and which mostly follow dedicated bicycle paths or quiet back roads. We feel this combination is especially friendly for first-time bike tourists.

    And here are some questions we recommend you ask yourself when deciding on your tour.

  • Do you have any foodie tour recommendations?
  • How do I know if self-guided or guided would be better for me?

    It's a matter of personal preference.

    Self-guided bike tours offer flexibility and independence but maintain a level of support and convenience. Your hotels are booked, your luggage is transported, and you have maps and directions for each day's ride.

    Be sure to consider your comfort level with navigating a different culture and foreign language, reading maps and signs, ordering food, and dealing with flats or other minor emergencies - some travelers don't enjoy doing these things, but others find them the best part of an adventure.

    If you enjoy traveling with a group, meeting new people, and having a guide and structured daily schedule, then a guided group bike tour is probably the better fit for you.

    Read more.

  • How do I know what tour to choose?

    So you think a bicycle tour could be a unique way to experience a foreign country, but you aren't sure where to start...

    You can start browsing immediately with our Tour Search, or you can research the options by asking yourself these key questions.

    And, of course, our passionate, expert, and helpful tour advisors are here to help!

  • What's the best way to find a tour on your site?

    We recommend starting on the Search page.

    Select the country or countries you're interested in. If you wish to select more than one country, simply keep clicking on the countries you prefer.

    If your search yields too many tours, use the options on the left side of the page to adjust the search results (like departure month, rider level, average daily distance, and type of tour).

    Or, peruse our popular categories:

    Client favorites

    Staff picks

    Top-rated tours

    Bike and boat tours

    Family-friendly tours


  • How can I understand my level?

    We provide rider levels for all of our tours:

    1. Leisure - You are relatively active and want to cycle on your vacation. You like a slow pace and prefer flat terrain.
    2. Recreational - You incorporate cycling into your routine. You can navigate longer distances and occasional rolling hills.
    3. Active - You're often on your bike for fitness or pleasure. You’re comfortable with longer distances, a quicker pace, and rolling hills.
    4. Enthusiast - You're a voracious cyclist. You love to challenge yourself with long rides, hilly terrain, or extensive climbs.

    Be sure to also review the details under 'Surface and Terrain' and the daily distances for each tour.

    More details.

  • How do I know if a tour is too difficult for me?

    Anyone in reasonable shape should be able to enjoy a bike tour. Many tours cover about 20-40 miles per day and are designed for travelers who enjoy a leisurely pace. When you read the tour descriptions, pay close attention to the 'Surface and Terrain' details and daily distances.

    We've also included rider levels on each tour to help guide you.

    • If you're concerned about your ability or it's your first tour, consider doing a Leisure (1) or Recreational (2) level tour.
    • You should be an experienced cyclist (but not necessarily an expert) to do tours rated Active (3) or Enthusiast (4).

    Other options to consider:

  • Do your staff have any recommendations?

    Lucky for us, we have the amazing opportunity to check out many of the tours we help book so we can better advise and promote bicycle touring in some of our favorite places.

    Here are the tours we'd pick!