About bike and boat tours

  • Are there laundry facilities aboard the ship?

    No, there are not. We recommend travel-specific, quick-dry clothing. Simply give any less-than-fresh items a quick wash in the sink at the end of the day, and hang to dry for tomorrow.

    Additionally, bringing two of an item to switch out allows for more dry time!

    You can review our suggested packing list here.

  • How is alcohol handled? Can you bring wine on the boat?

    This will vary depending on the ship and its crew and captain. Generally, the boat is considered a floating hotel and restaurant/bar, therefore bringing your own beverages is not permitted. Some crews and captains allow you to bring wine onboard but charge a corking fee. Please ask onboard the ship for the appropriate protocol.

  • Are there windows on the boat?

    Most boats have a window (if not more than one) in each room. They don't always open, though.

    Please check the details under 'Boats' on the Program tab for more information.

  • What if I don't want to ride one day? Do I have to ride everyday on a bike and boat tour?

    You can always opt to skip a day's ride and relax on the boat. Additionally, you may be able to venture out on foot if the boat is docked for the day.

    Please note this is not an option for hotel-based tours.

  • I'm prone to seasickness. Should I be concerned?

    Most often, it's not an issue. During the day, you're generally riding your bike while the boat makes its way to the next location. Overnight, you're docked at a pier.

    There are a few exceptions: Sometimes, the boat is underway at night. However, river and canal-centric tours don't present the rocking element that the sea sometimes does.

    On some river and canal tours, the boat is occasionally underway during the day, but there's little sensation of motion.

    On some of the bike and boat tours along the coasts, you may be underway during parts of some days. Although you're on the sea, though, you're mostly sheltered by islands, so the large swells that tend to induce seasickness typically don't develop.

    If you have concerns, please check with our tour advisor team, who can advise you on the flattest, gentlest bike and boat tours.

  • Are bike and boat tours suitable for families and children?

    Sometimes. Bike and boat trips are suitable for a variety of ages. However, there are some important considerations:

    • Small spaces - Space is limited on a boat, and cabins are space conscious (they're small). Does your family need more space than not? Consider that the whole boat is also a limited space to roam.
    • Safety and comfort - Are you comfortable with being on a boat and/or near water? Are your children?
    • Traveler ages - It's not possible to know if other children will be onboard. But most likely there won't be - the majority of travelers are 55+.

    We generally recommend bike and boat tours for families with older children.

    See recommendations for family-friendly tours. Also, see the Ionian Islands Multi-sport Family Cruise, a bike and boat tour just for families!

  • What boat is this on? Where can I find the boat details?

    Please check the details under 'Boats' on the Program tab of the tour of interest to see this information and more.

  • Are there pictures of the boat or barge?

    Yes, please click on the link to the boat you're interested in (some tours have numerous boats).

    Boat details can be found linked on the Program tab under 'Boats' on the individual tour page.

  • Is smoking allowed on the boat?

    Smoking is not allowed on the boat. However, there is usually a smoking section outside, or smoking is allowed on the boat deck.

  • How do I get to the boat?

    On the tour page for the tour you've booked, you can find general information on how to get to your start city in the 'How To Get There' section on the Program tab.

    Specific details on how to get to your boat will be included in the tour documents we email you before your tour (approximately 2-3 weeks in advance of departure). If that information is missing, please let us know.

  • How many passengers are on the boat?

    This answer varies depending on the specific tour and boat.

    The bike and boat tours on our site range from accommodating 10 passengers up to 175, with most boats accommodating 30-50 passengers.

    On the Program tab on the tour page, you will find a 'Full boat details and photos' link under 'Boats' with more information for each boat, including the total number of guests the boat can accommodate.

  • Do the boats have Wi-Fi on board?

    Sometimes. However, even if the boat does have Wi-Fi, please know it's generally a slow signal and can only handle minimal data.

    On the Program tab on the tour page, you will find a 'Full boat details and photos' link under 'Boats' with more information for each boat, including if the boat has Wi-Fi.