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Bohemian Getaway: Villages, River Valleys, and Karlstejn Castle

New for 2020!

New for 2020!

New for 2020!

New for 2020!

New for 2020!
  • 5 nights | 21 miles/day
  • Self-guided from: €584
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

On this bicycle tour, you will cycle directly from Prague to the pretty village of Karlstejn, 30km from Prague. You will stay in Karlstejn for the next three nights, cycling each day to an interesting historical or natural site. You'll appreciate the quiet, picturesque countryside, gently undulating hills, and small villages.

You will visit the world-renowned Karlstejn Castle, an impressive 600m-deep complex of limestone caves, a canyonesque former quarry, many medieval and Renaissance towns and villages, characteristic pubs and restaurants, and many other sights.

This beautiful region has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, and you will appreciate the authentic aspects of the area.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival to Prague
Individual arrival to Prague. Transfers from the airport are possible for an additional fee.

Day 2: Prague – Karlštejn (20 miles/35 km)
You will be picked up at your hotel in Prague or at the airport. After a welcome briefing at, you start cycling from Prague to Karlštejn village. It is an easy route that leads along rivers. The Karlštejn castle is the mayor sightseeing sight. The Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV had it built as an impregnable fortress housing the imperial crown jewels and the most sacred relics.

Day 3: Svaty Jan Pod Skálou Valley loop (18 miles/30 km)
You will cycle to one of the most picturesque villages in the Český Kras natural protected area. The history of the village dates back to the end of the 9th century. Shortly afterward you will pass a limestone quarry called V elká Amerika (Big America) which has a terrific history. Political prisoners of the communist regime were made to work here. Mining was conducted in an unusual way by gradual digging of a huge pit (about 800m long, 200m wide and 100m deep), connected to other quarries by long tunnels from the first half of the 20th century.

Day 4: Koněprusy caves and Beroun loop (21 miles/33 km)
Today’s loop will take you to the which are developed in 400 million years old Devonian limestone. The caves are 70 m under the ground level and over 2 km long. The accessible part is 590m long and the sightseeing tour lasts one hour. The caves were discovered in 1950 and made accessible for the public in 1959.

Another interesting stop is in the medieval town of Beroun. Besides the city hall and square, you can visit a local brewery or have a picnic on the bank of Berounka River in a scenic river valley.

Day 5: Karlštejn – Prague (24 miles/40 km)
You will follow the Berounka River (different route) to return to your hotel in Prague. It is an easy route almost all the way on banks of Berounka and Vltava Rivers. You will have a different view of Prague as you cycle through the city on Vltava River’s bank.

Day 6: Prague
Breakfast, transfer to the Prague Airport to catch your plane, unless you decide to prolong your holiday in the Czech Republic.


Daily: Apr 1-Oct 30, 2020



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Prices other than in the local currency are based on current exchange rates and will vary.

Prices other than in the local currency are based on current exchange rates and will vary.

Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
€ 584
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
€ 217
Bike Rentals
Hybrid touring bike
€ 57
Electrically assisted bike
€ 135
Extra Nights, Prague
Per person, double occupancy
€ 89
Single room (1 person/1 room)
€ 134
To/from Prague airport for 1-3 people (per car)
€ 29
To/from Prague airport for 4-8 people (per car)
€ 39
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AVE Ltd. Terms and Conditions

Cancellation of the Travel Contract 
On the Client's Side-Cancellation must be made in writing.

Cancellation rules 

  • Until 21 days before the tour start: 50 Euros
  • Between 20 days and 14 days before the tour start: 50% of tour price
  • Between 13 days and 7 days before the tour start: 80% of tour price
  • Between 6 days and arrival day or in case of interruption of the tour: 100% of tour price

This information is subject to our receipt of a written notification of your cancellation.

The tour operator recommends that Clients purchase insurance against irrecoverable cancellation costs (in case of illness).

Changes required by the Customer in relation to participants, accommodation, type of board, etc. are possible up to 28 days prior to commencement of the tour on payment of an administrative charge [B2B] of 25 euros for each change [50 euros B2C]. Rebooking by the Customer to another tour or date shall only be possible in the form of a cancellation (in accordance with the terms of cancellation) and subsequent new booking of the tour. Within 27 days prior to holiday start date our cancellation-conditions will apply.

Cancellation on the Tour Operator's Side 
The tour operator is responsible to the Client for providing the agreed services. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the tour operator reserves the right to change the program of the purchased tour and related services. In the event that the tour operator is unable to provide the agreed services, the tour operator is obliged to supply replacement services or secure a discount. The Client claims the discount in written or verbal form. The tour operator documents this by means of a letter of dispute.

The tour operator and the Client (hereinafter "the Client") enter into an agreement in accordance with the Civil Code and the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic and with Law No.159/1999 CO. This agreement is further modified by the following the tour operator Booking Terms and Conditions, which are an integral part of the Travel Contract made between the Client and the tour operator. Upon conclusion of the Travel Contract, the Client agrees to the following conditions which are also relevant for fellow travelers as stated in the Travel Contract.

Price of Tours 
Prices of tours are in EUROs (€), include VAT and statutory insurance in accordance with Law No.159/1999 St. against bankruptcy. Payments can also be remitted in any other transferable currency.

Special Provisions Concerning Bicycle Tours 
By their nature, cycle tours allow for alternatives and a substantial degree of flexibility. Therefore, outline itineraries given for each bike tour must be taken as an indication of what each group should achieve, and not as a contractual obligation on the part of the tour operator. Changes to the itinerary may be caused by mechanical breakdown, weather, border restrictions, sickness, or other unforeseeable circumstances.

It is a fundamental condition of joining any of the tour operator's bike tour that you accept this flexibility, and acknowledge that delays and alterations as well as their results, such as inconvenience, discomfort, or disappointment, are possible: the tour operator will always endeavor to provide suitable alternative arrangements. If it is impossible to make alternative arrangements, or if a passenger is unable or does not choose for good reasons to complete an itinerary outlined for a bike tour, the tour operator is not liable for supplying alternative itineraries, excursions, accommodation, services or staff for the period when the Client is not present with the group. However, the tour operator will arrange transportation back to Prague in these circumstances, if the Client wishes.

On the tour operator cycle tours, it is essential that Clients abide by the authority of the tour leader, who represents the tour operator. Completing the tour operator order form signifies the Client’s agreement to this, and if the Client commits any illegal act when on the bike tour, or if, in the reasonable opinion of the tour leader, the Client’s behavior causes or is likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to him/herself or others, the tour operator may terminate the Client’s travel arrangements without any liability on the tour operator’s part. If the Client has any condition, medical or otherwise, that may affect his/her or other people's enjoyment of the bike tour, it is essential that he or she advises the tour operator of this at the time of booking.

Before coming on the cycle tour, the Client must be covered by insurance, which must include adequate coverage for baggage, medical expenses and the cost of repatriation, should he or she become too ill to continue, including helicopter rescue and air ambulance. If the Client joins the bike tour without adequate insurance he or she may not be allowed to continue on the bike tour, with no right of refund. The Client is required to carry proof of insurance at all times and produce it if reasonably requested by the tour operator employees or suppliers.

The tour operator is liable to the Client for any damage caused by the tour operator's failure to perform the terms of contract or by the tour operator's improper performance of the contract, unless that failure is:

  • Attributable to the Client or to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services and it is unforeseeable or unavoidable.
  • Due to unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control that could not have been avoided even if all due care had been taken or due to an event which even with all due care could not have been foreseen or forestalled.

In the event of a bicycle (whether hired or not) being lost or delayed on the outward journey, the tour operator shall not be responsible financially or otherwise for the inability of the passenger to continue with their bike tour, or loss of enjoyment, unless such a loss or delay is due to the negligence of the tour operator or its staff and suppliers. The tour operator shall endeavor to make alternative arrangements for the Client, but if it is impossible to make alternative arrangements or if a passenger is unable or does not choose for good reason to accept such changes, the tour operator will arrange transportation back to Prague, if he or she wishes.

Bike Rental Conditions 
The bicycle, including all accessories supplied, is let out on hire. The Renter undertakes not to misuse the bicycle and to return it with all accessories in the same condition as when received (ordinary wear and tear excepted). The tour operator shall be entitled to charge the Renter for any damage caused to the bicycle during the period of hire. In the event of a breakdown, other than as a result of the Renter's misuse, the tour operator will use its best endeavors to repair or procure the repair of the bicycle.

Notwithstanding claims for personal injury or death, the tour operator shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever, through breakdown or other defects in the bicycle or other circumstances beyond the tour operator's control. The Renter shall be liable to the tour operator with respect to all costs, claims, expenses and demands, which he or she may suffer or incur and which arise directly or indirectly from use of the bicycle during the period of hire. The tour operator reserves the right to charge the Renter for partial or full settlement of any such claim. In the event of the bicycle being stolen or lost, the tour operator reserves the right to call upon the Renter to be liable to the tour operator for the replacement value of the bicycle, being not less than 500 EUR (€).

The Renter must ensure that the bicycle is adequately secured when not in use. He or she must not use the bicycle whilst under the influence of drink or drugs, and must endeavor to immediately notify the tour operator in the event of breakdown or loss of the bicycle.

The Client has the right to complain in the event of imperfect or incomplete services. The Client must relay such complaint to the tour leader or to the provider of the services as soon as it happens, so that reparation can be made immediately. Whenever it is not possible to settle a claim on the spot, it is necessary to write a letter of complaint presenting the reason for the claim, the name of the person to whom the claim was made and the date of the claim. This letter of complaint has to be approved by the tour leader or by a services provider. The letter of complaint or verbal claim must be presented no later than three months after the end of the tour. The cancellation proceedings cannot be carried out and the claim cannot be accepted without a letter of complaint or by a verbal claim.

Insurance for the tour operator bankruptcy according to the law 159/99St is included in the price of the tour. Arrangements for travel insurance (health insurance, insurance for harm done, baggage insurance, casualty insurance and insurance against irrecoverable cancellation costs) are the responsibility of the Client. The tour leader has the right to exclude a Client from the tour in the event of a breach of the law or a breach of the travel contract, or if he or she disturbs the tour in spite of previous warnings of the possibility of his or her exclusion from the tour.

By completing the Travel Contract the Client agrees that, if necessary, the tour operator may pass his or her confidential data to third parties who participate in the specific bike tour, which he or she has booked (for example, hotels). This information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be passed to any other parties.
The booking conditions may only be waived or amended by written mutual agreement.

When the Client completes the order form he or she agrees to accept all these Terms and Conditions; when the tour operator accepts his or her booking, the tour operator agrees to carry out its obligations to him or her as defined in the information provided to the Client. Both sides of this agreement are made subject to and must be interpreted and enforced according to the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the Czech Republic.

The the tour operator Booking Terms and Conditions for attending the tour operator tours come into effect as of April 1st, 2008 until the date of its change or its appeal.

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