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Bike tour programs for clubs has been helping travelers’ bike tour dreams come true since 2003 and has extensive expertise working with clubs of all kinds. Our passionate, well-traveled tour advisors are here to make sure your club members’ dreams come true—and that you’re a hero!

How does it work?

1. We start by getting to know you and your club:

  • Where have you traveled before?
  • Have you offered bicycle tours?
  • What’s the make-up of your club?
  • What would appeal most to your members in terms of destinations and tour features?
  • Are they recreational riders who want to explore scenic countryside and historic towns, or are they more competitive cyclists who want to experience more challenging terrain?
  • Do they like to travel on their own, or do they want guides to cycle with them?

2. We make several recommendations based on your preferences.

Based on your input, we suggest one or more tours from our website that are close to meeting your needs. We’ve selected the top tours from local bike tour companies across Europe, so you can offer a program to your members with complete confidence—and become a hero!

3. Once you decide on a tour, we customize it based on your specifications.

We work with you to customize the tour such as adding extra nights, revising daily distances, including activities or special sights, and more (as the tour allows). We can also price it based on whether you wish to provide revenue to your club or complimentary tours to the organizers. 

4. We provide you with complete details and work with you to promote it to your members.

5. You have a choice of handling bookings and collecting payments, or we can do that for you.

Typically, deposits are due when the tour is confirmed, and balance payments are due 60 days before departure (this can be different with boat charters)

Ready to get started?

Just give us a call at (877) 462-2423, or send an email to [email protected]. We’ve helped groups for eight to 200+ plan amazing bicycle tours!

If you’d like to get a head start, you can start thinking about:

  • Destination(s)
  • Tour duration
  • Departure date (range)
  • Average miles per day
  • Level of difficulty
  • Type of bike (road, MTB, or combination)
  • Interests (history, castles, scenery, beer, culinary, wine, hiking)
  • Maximum cost per person (including air fare)
  • Make up of your party (age, singles/couples/families, leisure/competitive)
  • Fee per person to club (if any)
  • Discount or complimentary tour for organizer(s)
  • Number of people (best guess)

Tips from a pro

Many-time repeat client David Lamb has been organizing groups for overseas bike tours for the last 20 years. Check out his tips for organizing group tours on our blog!