Choose a destination

Our tours spans six continents, and finding the right one may seem a bit daunting. So you may wish to narrow your search by considering which destinations interest you.

To help you with initial research, be sure to start on our Where To section, which gives you links and information on the continents, countries, and regions where we offer tours. Each page in the Destinations section gives you fast facts about a country, an overview of its highlights and culture, and some quick reasons why cyclists love the area.

Also consider the factors below to help guide your research to find which destination has the right adventure for you.

Start with an inventory of your interests and the most important elements you want incorporated into a tour. Strong preferences may guide your tour selection. For example:

  • Fascinated by medieval castles? Many European destinations offer tours with stops at castles on the route. 
  • History buff? Most bicycle tours will highlight points of historic interest, but some destinations pack considerable historical punch with a high concentration of significant sites. 
  • Wine or food connoisseur? France and Italy are the obvious picks, but tours in Hungary, Slovenia, and South Africa focus on regional cuisine, wine tastings, and vineyard visits. 
  • Want add-on activities? Some destinations have an abundance of active excursions like hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking
  • Love cruises? Bike and boat tours offer many of the same benefits of larger-scale cruise liners, but in a more intimate setting and with active off-boat excursions every day. Some coastal destinations, or those with particularly scenic rivers, will offer this kind of tour.

Culture and language
Your comfort level interacting with people from another culture and speaking a different language is a major factor in selecting a destination for your bicycle tour. You may be most relaxed in a more familiar setting, where the culture is different from your own but not too alien. Or you might be thrilled by the challenge of connecting with other people from a very different background.

You should also think about how comfortable you'd be navigating a country where English isn't widely spoken. Imagine you miss a turn and need to get back to the tour route. Would you enjoy using a translation dictionary (or app) and hand gestures to get directions from a local? Or would that be a nightmare for you? Would you have a hard time ordering food from a foreign menu, or is that all part of your adventure?

For English-speaking travelers looking for a more familiar setting, you might be most comfortable in countries where English is the first language, such as the England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, or New Zealand. English tends to be widely spoken in Western Europe as well, but is not a guarantee, particularly in more rural areas. Guided tours can be a good choice – regardless of destination – if you'd be more comfortable with a little more, well, guidance in a foreign country.

Our more adventuresome clients might consider our more "exotic" locations like Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, or Vietnam. And self-guided tours will increase your contact with locals and the necessity to try out a new language – making every interaction more challenging, but often more rewarding!

Terrain and scenery
You might be intrigued by sweeping views of alpine ranges, but are you also prepared for the challenging riding that typically accompanies mountain vistas? A tour that rides the valleys could be a better choice for some. Riding in heavily forested areas can offer a very different ambiance than riding alongside rivers or coastal areas as well.

Be sure to consider both the scenery that appeals to you and your ability level to conquer the terrain. (Of course, there can be a variety of scenery and terrain within any given destination, so peruse tours in multiple locations to find the right combination for you.)

The nature of traveling by bike makes climate an important variable. Do you prefer to cycle in hot weather, or do you want a more temperate climate? A destination's average temperature and rainfall should be considered for the specific season you're looking to book a tour in.

For example, an Italian cycling holiday in the fall is a very different experience than the same route in July, and you'd want to avoid the (particularly) rainy season in tropical Vietnam. Get more information on weather here.