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The Best of Bulgaria and Greece

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  • 10 nights | 26 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Guided from: €2390
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  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs
  5. Extensive climbing

Tours using mountain bikes:

  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain and/or narrow trails
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs and/or technical trails
  5. Extensive climbing and/or highly technical trails
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

We invite you on this exclusive trip that combines some of the best cycling routes of Bulgaria and Greece. This trip will immerse you into the local Balkan culture, history, traditions and cuisine. The highlights of the tour are the famous Balkan hospitality, rural life and the local charm. All trails are surrounded by the pristine forests of Rhodope Mountains, views to the Balkan Mountains and the unsurpassed water and land scenery of Thassos Island in Greece!

This exciting tour combines some of the best cycling routes of Bulgaria and Greece. It takes you across the Balkan Mountains, through the rich farming and winemaking region of the Thracian Valley and across the Rhodope Mountains into Greece.

When you reach the coast, you'll travel by ferry to the green and peaceful island of Thassos, surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and known for its natural beauty, beaches, inland villages and historic attractions.

Along the way, you'll experience Balkan culture and traditions, village life and local charm, heartfelt hospitality (including lodging primarily in family-run inns), and the best of Balkan wine and cuisine.

Daily program

Day 1: Welcome
Your guide will meet you at the reception of the hotel in the morning. First you will have a short briefing and after that go for a guided, walking tour in the center of the town. You will see its yellow-cobbled streets, its antique’s market, its many churches and Roman ruins. Besides that on your way you will see St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, The National Theater, St.George Rotunda, The National Archaeological Museum which guards one of the most famous Thracian Golden treasures, found in the lands of nowadays Bulgaria, dating back to the 4th-century BC.
Overnight in Sofia

Day 2: Sofia – Panaguirishte (40 miles/64km)
In the morning short transfer to the outskirts of Sofia. You start cycling from Gorna Malina village, close to Elin Pelin town and ride through Sredna gora Mountains to finish at Panaguirishte town.

In the afternoon, if time permits, walking sightseeing tour of Panaguirishte city – famous of being one of the strongholds of the Bulgarian Revival movement which resulted in liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. The History museum in Panaguirishte boasts the most outstanding Gold treasure ever found in Europe (piece of art of the Thracian civilization, 4th century BC).
Overnight in Panaguirishte

Day 3: Panaguirishte town – Plovdiv city (37 miles/59km)
Today you cycle from Panaguirishte town to the outskirts of the second largest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv.

You start right from your accommodation in Panaguirishte and ride in south direction through a valley located between Stara Planina and Rhodope Mountains. This valley is referred to as the valley of roses or the valley of Thracian kings.

On your way to Plovdiv you pass by some small villages and the artificial lake Pyasachnik in order to finish in Suedinenie town, 35km away from Plovdiv. From here transfer to the city by bus.

Possible extension: as today is pretty much flat you can extend the ride from Suedinenie to Plovdiv with another 24km and enter the city on the bike. This option should be discussed with the guide.
Overnight in Plovdiv city.

Day 4: Plovdiv – Velingrad (29 miles/47km)
Today you cycle from the outskirts of Peshtera town to Velingrad town passing by the artificial lake Dospat.

In the morning walking sightseeing tour of the second largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv. You will explore the Old Town with numerous cultural monuments from different historical periods. Among them are the Roman Theatre, the Roman stadium, the Ethnographical Museum, the East Gate from the 4th century, mansions from the 19th century and more. The modern town is doted with shops and bars – a pedestrian street crosses from one end to the other and was elected to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

After the tour transfer by vehicle from Plovdiv city to a nearby town Peshtera. Here you enter the Western Rhodope Mountains which are the bordering Mountains with Greece and where you will cycle for the next few days.

The bus leaves you above Peshtera town from where you start riding in West direction and finally reach Velingrad without any other transfers for the day. On your way you pass by Dospat dam where you can stop and enjoy for a while.
Dinner and overnight in Velingrad.

Day 5: Velingrad – Dospat Dam (31 miles/50km)
Today you cycle from Velingrad to Dospat dam.
You start directly from your hotel and ride south which gets you deeper in the Rhodope Mountains - the land of the legendary Orpheus. We ride alongside Chepinska river passing through valleys at the foot of Golyama Suitka mount. The ride finishes at the shores of dam Dospat, right at the front door of your accommodation. Dinner will be served here.
Dinner and overnight in Dospat dam.

Day 6: Satovcha village – Kovachevitsa village / Uva Nestum winery (25 miles/40km)
Today you cycle from Satovcha village to Kovachevitsa village.
In the morning you have a short transfer to bring you to Satovcha village. From here you go in South – West direction and ride very close to the border with Greece. The way takes you through some Mountainous areas and typical Rhodopean villages, where the locals still rely a lot on agriculture.
Half way through the daily ride you stop at the Uva Nestum winery for light lunch and wine sampling.
After that you continur and at the end of the ride you reach Kovachevitsa village on bike. This is one of the symbolic village in the area and also a great example of the local architecture.
Overnight in Kovachevitsa village.

Day 7: Delchevo – Stavroupoli / Bulgara to Greece (25 miles/40km)
Today you leave Bulgaria and go into Greece. Cycle from the outskirts of Drama town to Stavroupoli village.

In the morning you have a transfer from Ognyanovo village in Bulgaria to Drama town in Greece and basically go on the other side of the Rhodope Mountains.

The bus will leave you in the outskirts of Drama from where you cycle until your hotel in Stavroupoli.
Dinner and overnight in Stavroupoli village.

Day 8: Greece / Thassos Island (33 miles/53km)
oday you leave the mainland of Greece and go to the tiny island of Thassos. You cycle from Stavroupoli village to Keramoti port.

You start cycling from you hotel and go south towards the Aegean sea to Keramoti without any transfers needed. Finish at the harbor, ride the ferry to the island and sightseeing walk of the capital of Thassos.

Transfer to Skala Potamia and afternoon at your leisure.
Overnight in Skala Potamia

Day 9: Greece / Round trip of Thassos Island (19-25 miles/30-40km)
Morning at your leisure in Skala Potamia village. Afterwards, get on the bus for a trip around the Island. Stop for a lunch and relaxing at Psili Ammos Beach. Then get on the bikes and cycle alongside the sea.
Dinner and overnight in Skala Potamia.

Day 10: Thessaloniki
In the morning transfer to Thassos and catch the ferry to Keramoti / Kavala and then transfer to Thessaloniki - the second largest city in Greece and the most important centre of the area. Built near the sea (at the back of the Thermaïkos Gulf), it is a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm.

Places of interest include Aristotelous Square, Nikis Avenue, White Tower, Palace of Galeriu, Ancient Agóra, Byzantine Bath, Hamza Bey Mosque, Royal Theatre, and more. Free lunch in a restaurant at your taste.
Overnight and farewell dinner in Thessaloniki.

Day 11: Departure
Transfer to Thessaloniki airport for onward flight.

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Daily upon request: May 1-Jun 30, Sep 1-Oct 15, 2019 (minimum 4 participants)


Tour package
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5. Liability and claims

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Ronald September 10, 2017

Endlessly surprising experiences! A 'Wow factor' every day!

A great guide and a small group made this trip an informative and delightful experience. Accommodations were excellent and surprisingly varied and the food was great. On a few occasions it would have been preferable to not have set dinners - it was more than wanted, and in bigger cities and towns, lots of options were available. The allowance system worked great in Greece for example. Bikes could have been newer/ better tuned. But we wish we could continue on for another 10 days, so that's our measure of a really successful tour. Ron. Vancouver Canad