Budapest By Night Bike Tour

    • 2.5 hours | 6.21 miles
    • From €35 EUR
    • Budapest
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    2.5 hours | 6.21 miles
    From €35 EUR

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    • Discover Budapest's beauty by night

      A guided moonlit bike tour taking you around the sights of the city under a starry sky! Witness the magisterial beauty of underlit bridges and memorials, the stunning sphere of the Hungarian Parliament sparkling out over the city, and the thrilling hubbub of Budapest’s nightlife thriving all around you. An unforgettable nighttime story of Hungary’s capital, destined to dazzle!

      You’ll be stunned at the beauty of Szabadsag Tér (Liberty Square), boasting Art Nouveau-style buildings, monuments and memorials of Reagan, the Soviet War and German occupation, all nestling beautiful lawns and paths. This square has been the site of a barracks and a setting for revolution.

      Your bicycle tour will take you on the icon of Budapest – the stunning Hungarian Parliament – picture-perfect as it casts its reflection in the rippling Danube. Sitting in Buda, the Parliament is an awe-inspiring mix of Baroque, Gothic Revival and Renaissance Revival architecture, lit up at night to provide an unforgettable vista.

      Cycle over the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, connecting Buda and Pest over the beautiful Danube. Compare the Liberty Bridge, Budapest’s shortest bridge, topped by the Turul birds, and a favorite destination for young lovers strolling the city by night. Egyetem Square is stunning by moonlight, and one of Budapest’s best-kept secrets, housing a beautiful baroque church.

      Ride down the Danube bank and take in the shimmer of Budapest’s most beautiful buildings reflected in the rippling waters, all lit up for stunning views the whole way. Your guide will take you into the Jewish Quarter, bustling with art-bar-goers, clubbers, and late-night strollers. This district hosts the largest Synagogue in Europe, able to house 3,000 worshippers, which is beautifully underlit at night.

      Let your guide capture your imagination with tales of Budapest’s heaviest bell, why the number 96 holds significance, and where you can find a mummified hand!

      • Bike parked on the Gellert Hill, overlooking Budapest. Unsplash:Gabor Koszegi
      • Biking Budapest at sunset. Unsplash:Viktor Keri
      • Ruin bar Szimpla Kert, Budapest. Unsplash:Nick Night
      • Budapest at night. Unsplash:Gabriel Miklos

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      Days Start Finish
      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 7:30 pm ~10:00 pm

      Tour is available in English, Dutch, and German.


      Rate EUR
      Person · Ages 16 and up! €35
      Child · Ages 8 - 15 €25

      Minimum of 3 participants required to start the tour.


      Hungarian Parliament, Szabadsag Tér, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Danube River, Liberty Bridge, Egyetem Square, Jewish Quarter

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English, Dutch, or German-speaking guides

      Meeting place & directions

      BudaBike - Budapest, Szent István tér 4, Basilica, 1051 Hungary

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