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Bratislava, the sensational capital of Slovakia, nestles at the foot of the Little Carpathians. Its history is long, tumultuous, and varied - Bratislava was at the forefront of the anti-Communist Velvet Revolution of 1989. Its picturesque cityscape is characterized by medieval towers and deep red roofs, giving the city an almost sun-scorched appearance from above. From within its labyrinthian streets rises Bratislava Castle, the awe-inspiring architecture of Old Town, and the beautific Blue Church. The only capital to border two countries, Bratislava basks on the banks of the glorious River Danube on the borders of Austria and Hungary. In the distance, the commanding ridges of the Carpathian Mountains create a resplendent backdrop for Bratislava's elegant cityscape.

There is no better way to explore Slovakia's stunning capital than by bicycle, on a guided tour through the winding streets where you can park up your bike in the shadow of a medieval church to learn all about this city's holistic heritage. The Bratislava Identity Bike Tour is an exploration into sleepy Old Town, the authentic communist-era housing estates of Petržalka, and the deep blue of the Danube River, and of the Blue Church! Cycle Slovakia and make the best of Bratislava by bike.

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Bratislava Identity Bike Tour

Bratislava · from €110 EUR

2.5 hours, 6 miles
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
2.5 hours, 6 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily 10:00 am ~12:30 pm
Daily 2:00 pm ~4:30 pm

Bratislava is a city of celebrated diversity, and nowhere is this more apparent than in ostentatious Old Town, where your brilliant bike tour begins! Along the ride, you'll also cycle along the Danube River, into the city center, its parks, and to its…

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