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Salzburg-Vienna, River Option

“Beyond my expectations. Great scenery. Friendly people.” — S.G.

“Beyond my expectations. Great scenery. Friendly people.” — S.G.

“Beyond my expectations. Great scenery. Friendly people.” — S.G.

“Beyond my expectations. Great scenery. Friendly people.” — S.G.

“Beyond my expectations. Great scenery. Friendly people.” — S.G.
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  • 8 nights | 35 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €615
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

Bike tour from Mozart's city of Salzburg into the heart of Europe: Vienna – passing medieval cities, fortresses, and monasteries, and along the rivers Salzach, Inn, and Danube – into the untouched Upper Danube Valley and the beautiful Wachau Valley.

In the Danube Valley, you experience romantic castles, cozy villages, vineyards and a well-prepared bike path along the majestic river. Unforgettable end of the tour is the Austrian capital, Vienna, with its countless sights.

Daily program

Day 1: Salzburg
Individual arrival to Salzburg.

Day 2: Salzburg – Burghausen (34 miles/55 km)
You will leave the festival city of Salzburg and take the path along the bank of the Salzach to Oberndorf. It was here that the Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" was written in 1818, as the little "Silent Night Chapel" reminds us.

In the afternoon you will reach your destination for the day: Burghausen, with the longest castle buildings in the world.
Overnight in Burghausen.

Day 3: Burghausen – Schärding (42 miles/68 km)
Today you'll come upon the Inn-Salzach lookout point, where the Salzach flows into the Inn. You will pass through Braunau and come then to Obernberg, a thousand-year-old town with an extremely beautiful market square.

Not long after that, you arrive at Reichersberg Abbey, where the Augustine canons have lived for more than 900 years. From Reichersberg it is only a few miles to your destination, Schärding.
Overnight in Schärding.

Day 4: Schärding – Schlögen (37 miles/58 km)
Take your leave of the beautiful baroque town of Schärding with its enchanting "Silberzeile" and ride via Wernstein along the Inn again to the "city of three rivers," Passau. You will follow the Danube all the way to the famous Danube loop of Schlögen ("Schlögener Schlinge").
Overnight in Schlögen.

Day 5: Schlögen – Linz (32 miles/51 km) 
You ride today through some of the most beautiful countryside to Aschach and on to Wilhering Abbey. After passing through Ottensheim you reach Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.
Overnight in Linz.

Day 6: Linz – Grein/Ardagger (41 miles/65 km)
Via Mauthausen or Enns, the oldest town in Austria, you arrive via Wallsee at Ardagger/Grein, which marks the beginning of the Strudengau.
Overnight in Grein/Ardagger.

Day 7: Grein/Ardagger – Melk/Emmersdorf (34 miles/54 km)
Past Marbach, the pilgrimage center of Maria Taferl greets you from the hills, and after passing the Danube power station you arrive in Melk/Emmersdorf, where you can pay a visit to the famous Benedictine Abbey.
Overnight in Melk/Emmersdorf.

Day 8: Melk/Emmersdorf – Krems – Vienna (25 miles/40 km + train ride)
Today you ride through the beautiful Wachau region, well known for its choice wines. The destination of your cycling trip is Krems, where you will hand over your bicycles and travel the rest of the way to Vienna by train (tickets are included in the tour package).
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 9: Vienna
Departure day.

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Daily: May 4-Oct 13, 2019
Low Season: May 04, 2019 - May 10, 2019, Oct 07, 2019 - Oct 13, 2019
Shoulder Season: May 11, 2019 - May 31, 2019, Sep 02, 2019 - Oct 06, 2019
High Season: Jun 01, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019


Tour package
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Austria Radreisen Terms and Conditions

Cancellation of the trip resp. change of reservation:
If you want to cancel the tour, please inform us immediately.

We charge the following cancellation fees:

  • up to 28 days before departure: 20 % of the total travel price per person
  • from 27 up to 14 days before departure: 30 % of the toal travel price per person
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  • from 7 until 4 days before departure: 70 % of the total travel price per person
  • from the 3 day or no-show: 90 % of the total travel price per person.

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Changes of the travel price:
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Bicycle tours in collaboration with a local contractual partner:
Special terms partly apply for these tours (cancellation, children discount, insurance, services etc.) Please pay attention to the service block of the respective bicycle tour. More detailed information is available on inquiry.

In addition to the European Travel Insurance, you may take out a cancellation insurance policy in the amount of €25 per person for all bicycle tours organized by the tour operator.

All photos used by permission. ©Austria Radreisen


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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 2.3
  • Value 4.3
  • Included meals 4.7
  • Bikes & equipment 4
  • Hotels or boat 4.3
  • Scenery 5
  • Ease of navigation 4.3
  • Tour documents 4.3
  • Local tour company services 4
  • Route selection 5


Skiguy71 July 16, 2018

Fantastic Austrian Bike Tour

This bike tour along the Danube River in Austria was beyond my expectations. Well organized. Great scenery. Friendly people.

Andy July 8, 2018

Trip of a lifetime

Even a novice rider could do this trip. And electric bikes are available

Biabattistella September 19, 2016

Sensacional tour!

The road was perfect, the view was wonderful and the shuttle service baggage was as expected.