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Danube Bike Path 7 Nights (Service Plus)

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  • 7 nights | 34 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 1
  • Guided from: €2240
  • Self-guided from: €1490
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Tour description

Loved by many, this is of the the most famous cycling trails in Europe.

The route is smooth, easy, and stunningly beautiful. Ride through pretty Austrian towns providing excellent services for cyclists. From Passau, at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, you will ride right along the Danube, in a deep river valley with castles and churches perched overlooking the river.

See the romantic river meanders near the town of Schlogen, and the vineyards, meadows, and orchards of the Wachau wine region. Continue through small towns with rich cultural heritage: Melk with its beautiful monastry, Grein, and Krems on to the graceful city of Vienna.

*Note: a road bike itinerary is also available along this route; please inquire for information.

Daily program

Day 1: Passau
Arrival to starting point of this tour Passau, with its impressive cathedral housing the biggest church organ of the world.
Overnight in Passau.

Day 2: Passau – Schlogen (27 miles/44 km)
The tour representative will meet you at your hotel this morning. Your cycle tour will begin by a beautiful ride along a densely-wooded, granite river valley, through the Sauwald to Schlogen where the hard, impermeable granite rock forces the Danube to flow back on itself, an incredible natural feature.
Overnight in Schlogen.

Day 3: Schlogen – Linz (33 miles/53 km)
Today the route brings you along the immense Danube river valley between Schlogen and Linz. After a stop at the Wilhering monastery, with its particularly beautiful church, you continue on to the town of Linz. Linz has a host of museums and churches including the Church of St. Martin, which is the oldest church in Austria to have survived in its original form.
Overnight in Linz.

Day 4: Linz – Grein (41 miles/65 km)
The The first stop on the route is Enns, once a Roman settlement called Lauriocum and one of the oldest towns in Austria. The tower in Enns, built in 1565-68 is a masterpiece of Renaissance design. Another stop along the way is the riverside town of Mauthausen lesser known as the site of a terrible concentration camp in WWII. The rest of the route brings you through the meadow landscapes of the Machland river plain to the beginning of the Strudengau river valley. On the way you will pass through the towns of Wallsee and Ardagger, finally arriving at the town of Grein. Grein, on the banks of the Danube, has a 15th century castle.
Overnight in Grein.

Day 5: Grein – Melk (32 miles/51 km)
Between Linz and Melk you will be cycling through the beautiful landscape of the Studengau, a narrow section of the Danube. Today you'll take a peaceful, romantic ride through the countryside along the Danube, passing though tiny Austrian villages. After the village of Marbach, you will pass the Maria Taferl, a centuries old pilgrimage destination perched on a rugged hilltop. As you cycle on to Melk you will begin to encounter the historical landscape of Nibelungengau. Then it is on to Melk with its famous Benedictine Monastery and spectacular church.
Overnight in Melk.

Day 6: Melk – Tulln (45 miles/76 km)
The route follows the Danube through the beautiful, UNESCO protected Wachau wine region with its many vineyards and orchards. Along the way is Durnstein, a very picturesque town with narrow streets, busy squares and charming shops. Next comes the historic town of Krems with its 17th century town hall and many beautiful churches. After Krems you cross the Danube and get a superb view of the town. Then you bike through Traismauer, past the Gottweg monastery, to the town of Tulln.
Overnight in Tulln.

Day 7: Tulln – Vienna (24 miles/38 km)
This final, short stage brings you through the Wienerwald forest to Klosterneuburg with its Augustine Church, from 1108. The destination, Vienna is a vibrant, beautiful city with many things to do including seeing the cathedral and the amazingly designed Hundertwasser House, designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1985.
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 8: Vienna
Sightseeing around Vienna; individual departure or extra nights.

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Upon request, Apr 1-Oct 31, 2019 (minimum 4 participants)


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Daily: Apr 1-Oct 31, 2019


Tour package
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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 2.5
  • Value 5
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Carmen November 9, 2017


The best way to visit all those beautiful towns by the Danube.
Great boat, fantastic Crew, fun and relaxing.

Stacey October 10, 2017

Lovely Trip for Two

This tour was perfect. It was everything we hoped it would be. The service from Greenways was great. The gentleman who got us started in Passau explained everything to us, gave us all our necessary maps, etc and made sure the bikes were fitted to us before we started our journey. He was such a nice man. The bikes were brand new and had everything we needed. They gave us water bottles and a liter to start out with. He also gave us some energy bars for the first day. The bikes were equipped with panniers. We also had a nice square bag for the front of the bike which had a plastic encasement on the top to keep the map in. The maps were easy to read and the directions were great. I didn't know what to expect about the bike route, but seriously it was mostly flat. It was an amazingly beautiful ride. It was so relaxing and it was just the two of us. This was what my husband has wanted to do his entire life and now he has for his 50th birthday. The service from Greenways was great. They gave us vouchers for each hotel along the way. They were all lovely places. I enjoyed each and every one. We stayed at the following: Wilderman in Passau, Donauschlinge in Schlogen, Wolfinger in Linz, Goldenes Kreuz in Grein, Zur Post in Melk, Nibelungenhog in Tullin, and Hotel Austria in Vienna. The breakfasts were perfect to start a day on the bike. Most other them served scrambled eggs along with fruits, vegetables,meats and cheeses. We left our bags every morning by 9 with the reception desk at each hotel. When we would arrived at the next hotel later in the day, our bags were waiting for us in our room. The service was perfect. Every day we saw so many lovely views along the way. We also made many of the suggested stops in the directions. From Passau to Schlogen we stopped and saw the Obernzell Castle. On the way to Linz, we stopped an explored Ottensheim. We found beautiful church in Linz called the Mariendom. From Linz to Grein, we stopped and saw the Mauthausen Consentration Camp and all the memorials. (very sad, it started raining when we left. I said it was because the sky was crying) Grein was a beautiful little town. We saw the Rathhaus Theater built in 1791 there and Grein Castle. In Melk, we explored the Melk Abbey. Our favorite day was riding through the Wachau Valley, SO BEAUTIFUL!! You ride through medieval town and vineyards as far as the eye can see. On this day we stopped to Willendorf to see where the Venus of Willendorf was found. We also climbed the hill in Durnstein to see the castle ruins. There were very scenic views up there. Vienna was amazing as well. We loved the trail. It was so pleasant. We rarely saw any vehicles except when riding thru towns. The directions were easy to follow. Every hotel had good parking areas for the bikes. We enjoyed this experience very much and have already told many friends about it.

Responses from Biketours.com

Brittany December 16, 2018
Thank you for your rave review! I completely agree that the tour is relaxing, very scenic, yet offers plenty to do off the bike. We are delighted at how much you enjoyed your tour. We really do feel the small details make a huge difference in a well-organized trip. After all, we want it to feel like a vacation! Happy 50th to your husband!

Biking at it's best!

The hotels and food were an exceptional value. The bikes were well maintained and comfortable. The route and maps made trip fun and easy for first time trek era.