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Apulia and Basilicata Bicycle Tour: Trip Report by Jim Johnson

I just returned from a tour in Apulia and Basilicata, and cycle tourists who visit the area are in for a treat!

I was impressed on all levels. The routes were well-selected for scenery with low (or no) traffic and generally easy to follow (other than some quickly corrected wrong turns in a couple cities). It had its share of rolling hills but nothing especially long and steep, and your route should generally be a tad flatter than mine. The overnight locations were all interesting and, for a tour in a fairly small area, remarkably varied. We rode through vineyards and olive groves, through small towns and villages, remote countryside, deep forests, and along the Adriatic Coast.

matera-papaveri--300x224 Apulia and Basilicata Bicycle Tour: Trip Report by Jim Johnson

Likewise, the lodging was varied–living in sassi (renovated millennia-old caves) in Matera, in centuries-old traditional trulli (traditional stone “huts” with all the comforts of home) in Alberobello, in a medieval hotel in Ostuni, and in a renovated farmhouse in Otranto. The food was fantastic. We had one meal pre-ordered and included, and course after course of appetizers, pasta dishes, and main meat courses came out family style, followed by delightful desserts. That was at the beginning of the tour, and it only got better!

Rentals bikes were high-quality and well-maintained.

The tour company, Bike Basilicata, was responsive, attentive and professional.

I have posted several (unedited) videos from my tour on www.youtube.com. Apulia and Basilicata tours are listed on our site under the Italy tours.

Please contact us for further information at info@biketours.com!

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