Highlights of Antwerp Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours Client favorites

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours Client favorites

    2 hours
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    • Admire all of Antwerp - castles, cathedrals, and curiosities

      See all of Antwerp on the Highlights of Antwerp Bike Tour, taking in culture, art, architecture, and history! This guided day tour explores the historic center of this diverse city, with sightseeing stops at Steen Castle, City Hall, the Cathedral of Our Lady, Het Eilandje, MAS Museum, and the River Scheldt. With the added benefit of bike rental, an adventure in Antwerp has never been more efficient!

      Cycling up to Steen Castle, behold a truly magnificent medieval fortress built between 1200 and 1225. Known in Dutch as Het Steen, translating as ‘The Rock’, the castle was used to control access to the Scheldt River, and was a prison between 1303 and 1827.

      Cycle on to City Hall, a colossal, awe-inspiring feat of detailed Gothic and Renaissance architecture guaranteed to take your breath away. Here, you’ll find yourself in the beating heart of Antwerp’s politics, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your guided bicycle tour continues to the Cathedral of Our Lady, whose beautiful belfry is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in gorgeous Gothic style, the interior also houses significant works by Rubens, as well as Otto van Veen, Jacob de Backer, and Marten de Vos.

      Your day tour takes you on to the curious old port of Het Eilandje, translating to ‘Little Island’. Built by Napoleon Bonaparte, these picturesque docks are a favorite place for locals to spend their leisure time, relaxing by the serene waters of the Yacht Marina. Marvel at the five colossal cranes, relics of the Port of Antwerp, where large passenger ships would set off to discover the New World. Located nearby on the banks of the River Scheldt, the MAS Museum is an icon of the marina, its deconstructivist architecture at the opposite end of the spectrum to the classical City Hall. Antwerp is defined by its diversity, however, and you’ll discover all sides on this guided bicycle tour.

      • Boats tied at the dock, Antwerp. Paul Teysen@Unsplash
      • Castle Het Steen, Antwerp. Bobo Boom@Wikimedia Commons
      • Stadhuis, Antwerp's City Hall. Bente Hagens@Unsplash
      • Monumental ceiling of Antwerp Central Train Station. Michael Matloka@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday · Mar 29–Dec 28 2:00 pm ~4:00 pm
      Saturday · Mar 30–Dec 28 10:00 am ~12:00 pm
      Daily · Mar 30–Dec 28 11:00 am ~1:00 pm
      Sunday · Mar 31–Oct 27 10:30 am ~12:30 pm


      Rate EUR
      Person - incl. bike · ages 3+ €27.50
      Child on Child Bike · 3-11 jaar oud €27.50
      Person - Including E-bike · 12+ jaar oud €40
      Person - Excl. bike · 12+ jaar oud €22.50



      Steen Castle, City Hall, Cathedral of Our Lady, Het Eilandje, MAS Museum, River Scheldt

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English and Dutch-speaking guides

      Meeting place & directions

      Vleminckstraat 15a, next to PRINTSHOP and near the Groenplaats

      Please arrive 10 minutes in advance so you have time to pick out your bike before departure.

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