Amsterdam Hidden Gems Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites

    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites

    4 hours | 7 miles
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    • Amsterdam through the lens of a local

      Enjoy a holistic adventure on the Amsterdam Hidden Gems Bike Tour! In 4 hours, this guided day tour explores the alternative arts scene as well as the beating heart of the city, uncovering what constitutes the authentic Amsterdam identity. Experience a cycle along the canals, through trendy neighborhoods, and over the river to NDSM, passing stylish street art along the way. See Amsterdam through the lens of a local guide, leading you to the lesser-known gems of this incredibly artistic city. With the added flexibility of bike rental, there’s no more efficient way to enjoy an Amsterdam adventure!

      Amsterdam isn’t called the “Venice of the North” for nothing – canals course through the Netherlands’ capital like veins, providing much of its cultural lifeblood. Your bicycle tour takes you along these historic waterways for your true introduction to Amsterdam!

      With Dam’s canals come drawbridges and canal houses – let your guide bring you up to speed with the waterways’ fascinating features. You may be lucky enough to witness these historic drawbridges in action! As you cycle, your guide will point out exceptional examples of street art, giving you a glimpse of the fascinating alternative art scene in this progressive city.

      Riding on, explore the vibrant vintage Jordaan neighborhood. Here, you’ll bike through a haven of indie boutiques, contemporary art galleries, trendy market squares, and eccentric eateries. You’re on your way to discovering the docklands of Dam, via a ferry to Amsterdam North.

      Across the river, you’ll ride to NDSM, an icon of the city’s alternative arts scene. This intriguing neighborhood of lost cranes, reinvented industrial buildings, and shut-down shipyards has transformed into a vibrant cultural hub for festivals, exhibitions, markets, and dance parties, making the wharf a favorite destination for Amsterdam’s artistic community. It’s a fascinating finale for your fantastic biking adventure!

      • Drawbridge over the Amstel River in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Albert Straub@Flickr
      • Drawbridge painting of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hubertine Heijermans@Flickr
      • Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Hung Tran@Unsplash
      • Tulips! Ionann Mark-Kuznietsov@Unsplash

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      Canals, Canal houses, Street art, Jordaan, Dock, Amsterdam North, NDSM

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      • High-quality Dutch bike
      • Rain Jackets in case of rain
      • Local private guide

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      Mike's Tours Amsterdam
      Oosterdoksstraat 106,
      1011 DK Amsterdam

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