Les Baux-de-Provence in the Alpilles Mountains of southern France. Mike McBey@Flickr (CC-BY-2.0)


Van Gogh’s Magical Mountains

Alpilles bike tours

The low mountains of the Alpilles are a treasure of Southern France, located just south of Avignon. Enliven your senses on a breathtaking bike tour of the Alpilles, a magical mountain range of sun-scorched slopes, aromatic olive and almond groves, and romantic ruins.

An extension of the much larger Luberon mountain range, the Chaîne des Alpilles boast incredible views of the world-renowned Provence valley from atop their rocky outcrops, where the exposed white slopes dazzle in the delicate French sunlight. Graced with deep green foliage, the Alpilles offer a resplendent backdrop within picture-perfect Provence, and were famously the muse of Vincent Van Gogh, who chose Saint-Rémy as his base during the painting of The Starry Night, Irises, and Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background, amongst other famous works.

As well as Saint-Rémy, visitors to the romantic region of Alpilles can also discover Les Baux de Provence, a commune atmospherically perched atop a cliff, overlooked by a commanding ruined castle, with sensational views over the emerald valley. This is the perfect setting for parking up your bicycle for an unbeatable photo of Provence!

Amongst the lower slopes, tourists can weave a bike through the sun-kissed groves of olive and almond trees, whose warm, rich fragrances are carried gently on the breeze. Like the Luberon range, the Alpilles are famous for their biodiversity, providing a treasured habitat for several rare species, including the Egyptian Vulture, the Eagle Owl, and Bonelli’s Eagle. Look up to the skies for your chance to spot one of these incredible creatures as they sweep and soar above the glorious valleys.

E-bikes make the journey of discovery up the dazzling white slopes of Alpilles a leisurely one, leaving you with plenty of energy to explore the ruins and castles of the quaint French communes. Discover the mountainous muse of Vincent Van Gogh and sample sumptuous olive oil, fresh from the valley.

A bike tour in Alpilles is an unforgettable adventure full of French charm, incredible history, and unbeatable landscapes. Once you’ve parked up your bike after a memorable day of sightseeing, you may be treated to a sumptuous olive oil or wine tasting, finishing your sensory adventure with finesse.

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