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Martin Helgerson said:

Looking for a guided tour in Ireland in Sept 2014. Do you have anything? Thank you.

Ed Lancaster said:

The last two summers we biked The Erie Canal (Buffalo to Albany)and the The Great Allegheny Passage / C and O Canal Towpath (Pittsburgh to Washington) bike paths respectively. These are two great adventures. You should look in to offering these as packaged trips. Hope to book a trip to Spain in September.
Keep up the good work, keep the prices low.

Many thanks
Ed Lancaster.

Cheryl and Paul said:

Thanks ever so much for picking this up. And thanks again for a wonderful trip. Reading this again brings back super memories. Till next time!


tracie sanchez said:

You have just shown me my dream trip. thanks for letting me know exactly where to go to arrange it. Love this one Jim, truly!

John Ryan said:

I was on same trip Summer 2014 on the Harmonia. It was top class.

Veronica said:

Sounds amazing. All the trip members are really lucky. I always want to go on a trip like this. The bike tours add extra enjoyment and chances to explore more in the trip. Loved it!!

UK Cycle Holidays said:

Very interesting article, with useful information. I personally prefer self-guided bike tours, as they give you more freedom and they are more exciting to me.

Susie Phillips said:

Liv, fantastic blog. You are great writer. Keep up the good work. And don’t stop traveling. Remember you are welcomed to visit us in Trinidad any time. The Massy Rainbow Cup is next year June.

teresa said:

This story is simply delicious!! Big smile in my face! I am not 23 anymore, but have the feeling of “been there” when I read this! Everytrip I guide I get it. THe first panicking moment, when the clients get out of the bus transfer, and the relief soon after when we find out they are just as you describe them! Congratulations on your hearthy writting!

Karen said:

Loved reading this. I can totally relate to everything through several cycling trips. Those friendships formed bring so much depth to the experience. The world gets smaller and the treasures abound!

Gino Capogna said:

I am a bike tourist and a cyclist.

would you tell me more about the Everglades by bike.

I am a solo rider willing to ride with others if that what it takes.

By the way, is Bob still active?


BikeTours.com said:

Hi Gino, Check out my other recent post on a few different ways to explore the Everglades by bike. There’s info on doing a solo day ride in Shark Valley (near Miami), as well as suggested tours (including a group guided trip you can book through us, from the Everglades through the Keys, plus a group self-contained tour with a similar route run by our friends at Adventure Cycling Association). Another post, Two approaches to the Florida Keys by bike, compares the style of the latter two tours.

I hope these posts may give you some guidance on finding a trip that’s right for you in South Florida! I adore the area and have dreams of riding A1A from Miami to Key West one day myself!

Happy pedaling,
(VP of BikeTours.com)

Jim Vicenzi said:

what’s an average day like, mileage-wise? The group pace is about what MPH assuming few hills (obviously much slower in the mountains.)

Drift said:

It’s always a fun to get a ride into the wilderness and cycling in National Park is the best experience.
There are lots of National park like Grand Canyon where you could enjoy your riding experience.

Thanks for this post.

Donald Metivier said:

My wife (Donna) and I wish to travel to Scandinavia in 2019 and cycle Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The sequential order is not a priority at this time. No less than 100 miles (160 KM) in each country. Guided or self guided.
Thank you.

Don & Donna Metivier

Sirikorn said:

Excuse me! I can be ur nominee company in Thailand?
‘Caz its gonna be increasing abt cycling business here. U know?

Beritt said:

Slovenia is a finest place for visit around the Europe and tourists can enjoy some time with buddies. I really like it so much and I have spent an awesome time there.

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