At a glance

Ukraine, like the rest of the former Soviet countries, has endured years of development and political challenges, some of them still recent. However, it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world (it regularly ranks in the top 10). There are mountains, beaches, religious destinations, and cosmopolitan cities with rich cultural history.

The Carpathian Mountains are also very popular in Ukraine for their ski resorts, hiking trails, and tranquil, remote villages. The mountains are also resplendent with creeks and streams, as well as hot springs popular with spas. The natural landscape of Ukraine gives ample opportunities for visitors to swim, fish, hunt, camp, and enjoy the outdoors. The remote rural areas of this region are still dotted with traditional, folk-style stone and wood homes and farm structures, as well as ruins of medieval castles and fortresses.

Why cyclists love it

Cyclists love the Ukraine because much of its beauty and appeal are in the nation's countryside. A Ukraine bicycle tour through the country’s serene villages gives visitors a feeling of traveling back in time as they pass quaint stone cottages and regal castles. Bike tours often stop at churches with remarkable architecture still used today by local villagers. Cycling holidays through the Carpathian Mountains will often include relaxing stops at thermal baths and perhaps a sampling of local wine. Treks to waterfalls and magnificent views are additional highlights of Ukraine bike tours through the beautiful countryside.

Fast facts

Language: Ukrainian 
Currency: Hryvnia 
Population: 45,888,000 
Size: 233,090 square miles (603,628 square kilometers), roughly the size of Texas 
Border countries: Russia, Belarus, PolandSlovakiaHungaryRomania, and Moldova 
National tourist office: