At a glance

While Scotland’s rich history and culture are mainly evidenced in its large cities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, it’s the rolling hills and dramatic moors of the Scottish countryside that make this country a top destination for international travelers. The lush, vibrant greenery and deep valleys are exquisite.  

Scotland’s "lochs" (lakes) are popular sites, particularly the famous Loch Ness and its alleged magical sea monster. Truly Scotland in itself is a magical place. You’ll oftentimes feel as though not only are you in a different country, but in a different world. There’s an unforgettable romance and drama in barren moors covered in thick fog.

The coastal areas of Scotland feature craggy cliffs, ferocious oceans and many world-class golf courses. The tiny islands dotting the coast are home to quaint fishing villages and fantastic seafood. In every corner of Scotland, you are sure to be mesmerized by its overwhelming beauty and hospitality.

Why cyclists love it

  • The small, friendly villages and gorgeous rural landscapes are best seen by the seat of a bicycle
  • Because of its mystical and historical culture, Scotland lends itself to themed tours that include guided rides through its castles, pagan monuments, churches and memorials
  • Rugged wilderness that allows for challenging mountain biking tracks for experience cyclists
  • The glens, villages, and moors offer unbeatable scenery and interactions with the very welcoming and hospitable Scottish people

Scotland stories

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Tour spotlight

Road Cycling Scotland
This tour is designed for classic road cycling, connecting Highland’s Inverness to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Riding some 230 miles (400km) on quiet, scenic roads will allow you to witness a large range of Scotland’s unbeatable beauty!
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Fast facts

Language: English
Currency: British pound
Population: 5,222,100
Size: 30,414 square miles (78,772 square kilometers) - roughly the size of South Carolina
Border countries: England
National tourist office: