At a glance

The Iron Curtain shrouded Russia in mystery for many decades, and even now this beautiful land is often misunderstood. Yet today it's still one of the most-visited and popular tourist destinations in the world.

Russia's vast territory spans two continents and straddles the East and West unlike any other modern nation. Russia's unique culture blends influences of both its European and Asian neighbors to produce a fascinating array of sites, smells, and tastes. The folk traditions and arts are incredibly rich, and traditional music and dance can still often be found throughout the more rural areas of this mighty country.

Because of its enormous size, Russia spans multiple climates and ecological environments – offering an impressive diversity of landscapes. Some regions are lush with greenery while others are barren and practically unlivable. Russia is a country of stark contrasts and intriguing uniqueness that’s thrilling to explore.

Why cyclists love it

Russia is a very popular tourist destination for international travelers, and a Russian bike tour is a wonderful way to experience and better understand this beautiful country. Its huge size means that cyclists typically focus on getting to know a specific region particularly well from the bike saddle. The hospitality of the Russian people will make cyclists welcome as they explore cities, villages, and the countryside alike. Bicycle tours in Russia are a great way to experience and better understand this complex and historic country.

Fast facts

Language: Russian 
Currency: Ruble 
Population: 142,905,208 
Size: 6,952,800 square miles (17,075,400 square kilometers) - about twice the size of the United States of America 
Border countries: NorwayFinlandEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaPoland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea 
National tourist office: