Romania bicycle tours

At a glance

Romania is known for its forested region of Transylvania, medieval towns and gorgeous natural landscapes. Romania's rich and varied history is full of triumph and tragedy, but the fall of the Iron Curtain revealed to the world a victorious and vibrant country that has quickly become a top destination in eastern Europe. .

The Carpathian mountains is arguably the  most impressive natural landmark of Romania, popular for its trekking, climbing, skiing, and natural thermal spas.The Transylvania region, made famous by Bram Stoker's "Dracula" story, is also a popular destination, with notable cliffs, fortified churches and castles.

The old-world charm of Bucharest, known as the "Paris of the East," can be witnessed in the blend of old and new. Many buildings from the Soviet era still stand side-by-side with newer buildings. There’s a captivating charm in every corner of this country, that will keep you wanting to discover more at every turn.

Why cyclists love it

  • Massive mountains and serene countryside
  • Unexpected ecological diversity here-- swamps, prairies, lagoons and lakes are home to various wildlife and provide an ever-changing scenery
  • Home to Transylvania, most known for Dracula and Vlad the Impaler stories, and one of the most historic and romantic areas in Romania
  • Beautiful medieval castles  

Tour spotlight

Castles of Transylvania: Architecture, Culture, and Nature
Cycle along the spectacular Carpathian mountains with splendid views, deep valleys, medieval villages, and forests teeming with wild game. Some days you’ll meet only ox-drawn carts, horses, and cows crossing your bike tour route. This rare, wild isolation is magnificent and makes touring the country a very special experience.
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Danube Delta by Bike and Boat Tour
This cycling tour meanders through the stunning beauty of the Danube Delta to mile 0, where the mighty river empties into the Black Sea. The landscape alternates between gently rolling hills, swamp and prairie land. You’ll be in awe of  the fauna and flora of this landscape, and you’ll absolutely love staying on our “hotel boat.”
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Romania stories

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Fast facts

Language: Romanian
Currency: Romanian Leu
Population: 21,400,000
Size: 91,725 square miles (237,502 square kilometers) – slightly larger than Minnesota
Border countries: Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria
National tourist office: