At a glance

Mongolia is known for its hospitality and unspoilt, breathtaking natural beauty. Located in a landlocked plateau of Central Asia between China and Russia, Mongolia’s considerable size includes a fabulous array of pristine landscapes.

Awesome expanses of rolling steppe— home to Mongolia’s famous horses and herdsmen— meet high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests and deep, crystal lakes. To the south the great Gobi Desert stretches to the horizon; empty save for deep canyons and sweeping dunes.

Why cyclists love it

  • An off-the-beaten path location, one of the last few places on Earth that feels like a remote frontier
  • Wide open landscapes, with wild horses, goats and more
  • Beautiful terrain, perfect for mountain biking
  • Interesting culture where many locals are still nomadic and live in yurts (tents)

Tour spotlight

Mongolia Off-Road: Through the Khangai Mountain Range 
Home to diverse and distinctive plant life, you’ll experience landscapes and habitats that are unique and unspoiled. For mountain biking enthusiasts, Mongolia offers an experience unlike any other. The views of its beautiful valleys seen from 2,100 meters above sea level will take your breath away.

As you pedal through the Khangai Mountain range, you’ll encounter wild yaks, sheep, horses and goats, as well as the friendly nomads who gather the animals into herds. You’ll eventually  ride your bike through ruins from the ancient Mongolian Empire and various other historical sites. When it’s time to cool off, visiting the beautiful Orkhon river and the famed Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall are also on the agenda.

This trip is challenging, but those who enjoy an off-road adventure will love it! Keep in mind that just over 12 of 231 miles are on paved roads!
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Fast facts

Language: Mongolian
Currency: Mongolian tögrög
Population: 2,796,383
Size: 604,200 square miles (1,565,000 sq km) – about the size of Alaska
Border countries: China, Russia
National tourist office:

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