At a glance

Well known for the beautiful and rainforested island of Borneo, Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia famous for its beaches, jungles, and beautiful mix of cultures, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and European roots. 

Kuala Lumpur is its sprawling capital, home to quaint colonial buildings, a great shopping district, and the iconic 451-meter tall Petronas Twin Towers.

With its multi-ethnic and mutli-cultural roots, the country declares Islam the state religion while allowing for freedom of religion for non-Muslims. Since the country's independence from England, Malaysia boasts one of the best economic growths rates in Asia, rising 6.5% per year for almost 50 years.

Today, Malaysia has the third largest economy in Southeast Asia and 29th largest in the world. 

Why cyclists love it

  • Verdant rainforests and jungles to explore
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Unique mix of cultures that allows for diverse history, food, people, and traditions
  • A well-oiled tourism culture that makes it easy to get around
  • Up-close views of wildlife and exotic flora and fauna

Tour spotlight

Untamed Borneo: Through the Jungles and History in Malaysia
Thick jungles, wild animals and exotic flora will be your introduction to Borneo on this 10-night, guided bicycle tour. Rivers, mountains, and beaches follow as you bike on dirt and tarmac roads across the north of Borneo. 
Tour details > 

Fast facts

Language: Malaysian
Currency: Malaysian ringgit
Population: 30,721,000
Size: 127,355 square miles; 329,847 km2 
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Border Countries: Thailand
National tourist office:

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