Laos bicycle tours

At a glance

Laos is a country as yet untouched by the modern demands, stress and peace of life.Its beauty lies in the Lao people, century-old traditions ans heritage, ands its lush, pristine landscape. Laos has variety of hidden charms : beautiful countryside and pristine rainforests, organic cousine and unique handicrafts. You can also join various festivals and traditional ceremonies. 

Tour spotlight

Laos: Hidden North
The northern reaches of Laos are well off the beaten path, a region that sees very few tourists. But it is a land of beauty, culture and history that fascinates those that do find their way to explore its realms. Pedalers offers cyclists a chance to get off the beaten path and come discover the quiet villages, dramatic vistas and colonial towns of the region by road bike. 
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Fast facts

Language: Lao
Currency: Lao kip
Population: 6,646,000
Size: 91,400 square miles (236,800 sq km) – about the size of Indiana
Border countries: Vietnam, China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia
National tourist office:

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