At a glance

Indonesia is the embodiment of paradise. This collection of tiny islands offers a thrilling combination of relaxation and exotic sites and culture.

Rain forests make up more than half of the country’s land area, and the abundance of wildlife is straight from a television nature program. Beach resorts along the crystal waters offer the ultimate luxury getaways, while the historic and natural sites of the country offer visitors an alternative to surfing and sun worshiping.

The country presents a melding of different cultures that impart a richness that’s singular to Indonesia. The traditional cuisine is evidence of these disparate influences and offers unique and intriguing flavors.

The Indonesian island of Bali is known for its beautiful dancers in intricate headdresses and for its spectacular black-sand beaches (as well as white-sand ones). Balinese handcrafts and art are sought-after treasures for visitors. Bali is covered with beautiful green rice field and is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs.

Why cyclists love it

  • Scenic rice terraces and villages largely untouched by modern society or Western influence
  • Coastline routes where quiet beaches and coves offer a quick, cool swim break
  • Great opportunities to snork along reefs
  • Charming culture (on Bali, residents make beautiful offerings out of flowers and rice to give the gods, at least three times a day)
  • Beautiful and remote volcanoes 

Tour spotlight

Bali Paradise Ride: Around Volcanic Lakes and Black Sand Beaches
A Bali bike tour through spectacular scenery. Pedaling past emerald rice fields and ancient temples, around volcanic lakes and past black sand beaches. Explore historic Ubud and experience traditional villages. Cycle relaxing coastal roads, alongside deep lakes and roll up to spectacular views and ornate temples atop the high volcanoes. Delightful accommodation and spectacular landscapes.
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Fast facts

Language: Indonesian and Balinese 
Currency: Rupiah 
Population: 237,424,363 
Size: 735,355 square miles (1,919,440 square kilometers), about 10 percent larger than Alaska 
Border countries: Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia 
National tourist office:

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