At a glance

The sparsely populated island-nation of Iceland is extremely popular for travelers interested in going to some of the most untouched and rugged terrain on the planet.

Its varied natural landscape can be forbidding and austere, but also lush and green. The land includes geysers, waterfalls, and volcanoes, and wild horses, sheep, and dogs roam the countryside. The location and climate of Iceland has led to the creation of spectacular glaciers and icebergs, as well as polar wildlife like puffins.

The national parks in Iceland are the biggest most popular attraction and are exceptionally well maintained. The landscapes, wildlife, and challenging terrain make Iceland an ideal destination for many outdoor activities, including fishing and hunting, biking, hiking, and bird watching.

Icelandic traditions are heavily Norse-influenced and decidedly European. The city of Reykjavik is a center of culture for this friendly country full of exciting challenges.

Why cyclists love it

Iceland is popular for adventure seekers because of its rugged terrain. Bike tours in Iceland can be physically demanding but supremely rewarding for those in good condition.

A cycling tour through this world unblemished by humans is an unforgettable experience. The expansive national park system offers well-maintained routes for bicycle tours, and the views from the mountain tracks and trails around glaciers are stunning.

Because so much of the country is raw and undeveloped, a mountain bike tour in Iceland is a fantastic way to explore beyond civilization.

Tour spotlight

Iceland's Fertile South
Iceland is awe-inspiring. The landscape, so newly formed, refreshingly pristine, and geologically active, defies portrayal with words and pictures, although it will inspire you to try! Steam rises from hot pools on volcanic mountainsides, and glacier-fed waterfalls tumble down to the lush lands below. We have combined the best scenery with the least used roads, and the most comfortable hotels, to create a bicycle tour you'll never forget. We provide abundant vehicle support, while you ride the wide open spaces, breathing clear air warmed by the Gulf Stream, and bathing in water heated by the earth. 
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Fast facts

Language: Icelandic 
Currency: Icelandic krona 
Population: 318,452 
Size: 39,770 square miles (103,001 square kilometers) - roughly the size of Kentucky 
Border countries: None 
National tourist office: