At a glance

Finland’s interesting contrasts between the four seasons, the midnight sun and winter darkness, the East and West and the rural versus urban make this country exceptional.

As you look out from the plane, you’ll immediately notice a myriad of trees; a seemingly endless forest with several lakes and villages in between. It’s amazing how unique and exotic each season is in Finland. Four times a year, nature drastically changes its uniform: color, light, temperature, sights and smells -- everything alters here like nowhere else.

The Finns are considered to be a bit quiet and reserved. But they are very friendly, hospitable, honest people once you get to know them! (And of course, getting to know the locals is, of course, one of the best parts of touring Finland!)

Why cyclists love it

  • An off-the-beaten-path destination
  • Unique seasons
  • Limitless islands
  • Overnights in Turku, “the European capital of culture”
  • Beautiful coastline
  • Bustling harbors and seaside villages

Tour spotlight

Island hopping in Finland
Bicycle around the Finnish archipelago and hop from island to island using local ferries. The Turku archipelago are one of Finland's most stunning natural phenomena with nearly 20,000 islands stretching out into the sea from the attractive market town  of Turku. Cycling a circular route around the main islands is easy and exciting, using a system of local ferry services, constantly bridging back and forth. Using these ferries also allows for visits to picturesque harbour villages and the true peace of the nature.
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Fast facts

Language: Finnish and Swedish
Currency: Euro
Population: 5,167,486
Size: 130,667 square miles (209,215 sq km) – about the size of Tennessee
National tourist office: