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England's incredibly rich history has impacted much of the world through the far reaches of its former empire. A visit to the storied island offers a glimpse at its history and traditions through ancient villages, medieval castles, prehistoric structures, and leading museums. Such a history is set alongside the vibrant, ever-evolving British culture, making it one of the most diverse places in the world.

London attracts millions of visitors a year, while its famed universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) draw exchange students from all around the world.

The beautiful English countryside has been romanticized and immortalized by great writers for centuries. Its lovely meadows, hills, and lakes are dotted with quaint villages that seem frozen in time.

Why cyclists love it

  • Diverse countryside
  • Coastal areas with dramatic cliffs and charming seaside villages
  • Inland areas that boast vibrant green farmland
  • Rolling hills perfect for cycling
  • Mild weather

England stories

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Tour spotlight

The Cotswolds and Stonehenge (self-guided)
This iconic trip includes World Heritage sites of Stonehenge, Bath and Blenheim Palace. Come along this stunning journey, starting at the historic Oxford University and continue through some of England’s most beautiful and historical landmarks. While on this tour, you’ll stay the birthplace of William Shakespeare and visit numerous villages and valleys within Cotswolds.
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The Thames Royal Palaces (self-guided)
Come revel in the heart of London before beginning this unique adventure. You’ll begin on a river boat with bike aboard and follow the Thames as it threads its way through historical England. This tour allows you to witness many of the country’s royal gems, as well as several other English hidden treasures. Your cycling will begin at Kew and will take you to several royal parks, the Thames river path, ancient waterside inns and incredible vistas.
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United Kingdom: Devon’s Spectacular Coastline and Open Moorland (self-guided)
Explore the incredible coastline and open moorland of the United Kingdom. Ride through ancient villages and towns, including the historic naval city of Plymouth, from where the Pilgrim Fathers set off for America in 1620. In the South Hams, you’ll cycle along hilly backroads, taking in wonderful views of the rural landscape and astonishing coastline.
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Fast facts

Language: English
Currency: British pound
Population: 51,446,000
Size: 50,346 square miles (130,395 square kilometers) - about the size of Louisiana
Border countries: Scotland and Wales
National tourist office: www.enjoyengland.com

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