Fast facts

Language: Arabic
Currency: Egyptian pound
Population: 76,699,427
Size: 387,048 square miles (1,002,450 square kilometers) - larger than Texas
Border countries: The Gaza Strip, Israel, Sudan, and Libya
National tourist office:

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At a glance

A trip to Egypt is like traveling back in time to witness an ancient world you've seen only in movies and books. The biggest (literally and metaphorically) attractions are the pyramids of Giza, which allow visitors to experience the reverence and veneration of ancient Egyptian royalty, both in life and especially death. Also popular are the city of Luxor with its ancient ruins, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens.

Cairo is a great stop to witness the blending of ancient and modern Egypt. Along with the churches, temples, and mosques, the capital city offers vibrant nightlife in its many clubs, theaters, and restaurants.

Why cyclists love it

Egypt bike tours offer a unique perspective of the dramatic landscapes of northern Africa. Cycling across silent, wind-swept desert dunes is an unique experience. Typically riding in the early part of the day to avoid late-day heat, Egyptian bike tours may include stops at ruins, temples, and oases.

For those pursuing the spiritual sites, the pace and setting of a bicycle tour through Egypt seems appropriate for a pilgrimage. For adventurers, the challenge of a bike tour through the mountainous regions or the desert is hard to top. And for history lovers, the access a bicycle tour offers to remote sites left by the ancient Egyptians is unbeatable.

In the cradle of civilization, it’s impossible to ignore the significance of the mighty Nile River and its fertile banks. Most of the important historic sites lie along the Nile's riverbanks, maintaining a concentrated path for bike tours in Egypt through the major points of interest. Even today, Egypt’s cities and population are concentrated around the majestic river. That’s why a Nile bike and boat tour is an excellent way to experience the highlights of ancient and modern Egypt.

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Nile by Bike and Boat

An unforgettable experience. Witness the Pharaonic temples and monuments of the Nile Valley that you'd expect to see, ride camels to the Tombs of the Nobles, the Aga Khan Mausoleum and St. Simeon's Monastery in Aswan. Bike through the Nile Valley from Luxor to the Nile locks at Esna. Return each day to your 5-star Nile cruise boat, the Magic Serenade, and enjoy the creature comforts of the modern world.
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