At a glance

Not only is this southernmost Nordic country famous for its culture and arts, but it’s also celebrated for its stunning natural landscape.

Denmark’s government strives for conservation and makes eco-friendliness one of the nation’s top priorities. For this reason, Denmark is home to some of the best-preserved natural areas in the world.

Because of Denmark’s long and complex history, the country is known for its magnificent museums.

Come taste some of the hearty cuisine, visit the famed mermaid statue inspired by Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Anderson, see some of the world’s most impressive architecture, and ride your bike along the beautiful countryside! The views are breathtaking, as is the unique culture.

Why cyclists love it

  • Heralded as one of Europe’s most bike-friendly countries
  • Beautiful jagged cliffs and white, sandy beaches along the coastlines
  • Diverse landscapes
  • Quaint fishing villages
  • Modern cities with great nightlife 
  • Unique and friendly culture

Tour spotlight

Berlin-Copenhagen (and reverse)
This classic tour connects two of Europe’s most riveting capitals, over a span of 400 diversified cycling trails. While on this tour, you’ll take a cruise along the Baltic Sea, explore coastal cliffs and sandy beaches, visit quaint fishing villages, and witness majestic palaces. Not only will you get a taste of European city life, but you’ll discover everything in between.
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Royal Zealand, Copenhagen, and Sweden
This Denmark tour has it all: sand, sea, culture, history, urban city life. Discovering the best of Northeast Zealand, while also exploring parts of Sweden, makes this trip one-of-a-kind. Explore lovely beaches, visit charming marinas, step foot in royal palaces, and bare witness to incredible cliffy, coastal views!
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    Scandinavia tends to come out on top on many of the world’s “Best of” lists, and cycling is no exception. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which make up the region of Scandinavia, in addition to its Nordic neighbors of Iceland and Finland, are a cyclist’s dream. From stunning coastal landscapes to a system of fantastic bike-friendly infrastructure and culture, these countries are an ideal spot for a summer bike tour.

Fast facts

Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone
Population: 5,564,219
Size: 16,641 square miles (43,075 square kilometers)- about twice the size of New Jersey
Border countries: Germany (also just southwest of Sweden and south of Norway and borders both the Baltic and North Seas)
National tourist office: