At a glance

This eastern European country features Stalinist achictecture, beautiful old forts, and lovely forests.

With great culture, this country radiates tradition and beauty. Come explore ancient churches and ancient ruins, and interact with the country’s very hospitable and warm locals.

Why cyclists love it

  • Cycling through Belarus requires no great effort. Traffic is sparse, there are no mountains, and the roads are quite good - some of them even with bike lanes.
  • Medieval cities abound, with beautiful castles and fascinating history.
  • Nature around every bend. Sure, there are beautiful cities, but there are also enchanting national parks, crystal clear lakes and beautiful forests to explore by bicycle.

Fast facts

Language: Belarusian, Russian
Currency: Belarusian ruble  
Size: 80,155 square miles (207,595 square km)
Border countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Second Polish Republic
National tourist office: