At a glance

With incredible history, culture, and natural beauty, Armenia is one of the world’s most precious treasures. Located between the Black and Caspian Seas, this land is home to diverse landscapes and intriguing culture.

Why cyclists love it

  • Beautiful destination
  • Incredible off-road cycling options in the mountains
  • Unique Armenian countryside 

Tour spotlight

Armenia’s Villages, Fortresses, Monasteries, and Great Silk Road 
Mountain biking across Armenia allows you to get up close to the country’s many remarkable monuments and to be a part of an incredibly diverse and beautiful landscape. Various historical events took place on Armenia’s ancient land, one of which being the adoption of Christianity. This tour starts in the capital of Yerevan and travels along old routes and villages, highlighting the history of religion. While on this tour, you are sure to be inspired by your surroundings. The natural beauty along the Great Silk Road is truly astounding!
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Fast facts

Language: Armenian
Currency: Dram
Population: 2,974,693
Size: 11,484 square miles/29,743 square km
Border countries: Georgia, Azerbaija, Iran, Turkey
National tourist office:

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