At a glance

Albania’s snow-capped mountains, inviting Riviera beaches and astounding culture entice cyclists from all over the world.

Some believe that visiting Albania is like travelling back in time. Until recently, foreigners rarely visited the mysterious country; but since opening its borders in 1991, visitors have been awestruck by the untouched culture and uniqueness of this truly special place.

Unlike nearby Croatia, Albania has remained undiscovered by mass tourism, setting it apart from other destinations. People in more  isolated, rural areas remain excited and curious  to see visitors in their villages—especially those travelling by bicycle. You will be welcomed with open arms and warm, sincere hospitality.

Why cyclists love it

The country's economy has seen a recent upturn resulting in significant infrastructural upgrades. This includes paved roads; and though many are steep, you’ll be so distracted by the beautiful countryside and adrenaline pumping descents, that climbing won’t bother you whatsoever.

Tour spotlight

Albania's UNESCO sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges

Highlights of this tour include four UNESCO sites, picturesque trails and villages, the beautiful beaches of Lake Ohrid and The Bay of Himare, and an optional visit to Macedonia. Though hilly, the views are stunning.
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Fast facts

Language: Albanian
Currency: Lek
Population: 3,011,405
Size: 11,100 sq mi/28,748 sq km - slightly smaller than Maryland
Border countries: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece
National tourist office: