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Montenegro: Astounding Landscapes of the Adriatic

Tours using road, hybrid or touring bikes:

  1. Mostly flat
  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs
  5. Extensive climbing

Tours using mountain bikes:

  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain and/or narrow trails
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs and/or technical trails
  5. Extensive climbing and/or highly technical trails
  1. Variety: Choose from more than 200 tours offered by local operators in 35 countries.
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

The best way to explore Montenegro is by bike. On this tour, we discover some particularly picturesque towns as well as the fantastic coast of Montenegro with our travel guides and a support vehicle.

Departure point of this journey is Cavtat. The small town with its lovely coastline, ranks among the most popular travel destinations in the area of Dubrovnik and delights its visitors with its Renaissance architecture. Montenegro, one of the youngest states in the world, is our main destination.

Discover the bay of Kotor whose steep limestone cliffs make it one of the most impressive landscapes in the entire Adriatic. Also visited are the coastal cities of Kotor and Budva as well as Montenegro's former capital Cetinje.

Note: on this tour, the tour guide does not accompany you by bike, but will stay always nearby in a support vehicle. You will receive important information about the country, its people, and service for your bikes whenever you need. It is possible to use the support and if the cycling becomes too much, support from the vehicle is available at any time.

Daily program

Day 1: Cavtat
Individual arrival to Cavtat and check-in in the first hotel. Afterwards, we have the opportunity to stroll around the laid back little city or visit the nearby Dubrovnik (30 minutes by taxi). Here we also have the possibility to join a guided tour (if booked in advance) through the city in the evening, before we return to the hotel in Cavtat to meet guides and travel companions at 6pm.
Overnight in Cavtat

Day 2: Cavtat – Herceg Novi (28 mi/45 km, 2,630 ft/800 m elevation)
From Cavtat, we cycle through the region of Konvale to the border of Montenegro. Our way presents us with plenty of spectacular views above the deep azure sea and the fertile vegetation. After passing the border the terrace-like bay of Kotor opens up. Along the coastal road, we continue biking to Herceg Novi, which lies in the entrance to Kotor Bay. Use the opportunity and take a bath on the promenade of Herceg Novi. Later on we check-in in our hotel and are offered a guided tour through Herceg Novi.
Overnight in Herceg Novi

Day 3: Herceg Novi – Budva (31 mi/50 km, 2,950 ft/900 m elevation)
In the morning we cycle along the coastal road of Kotor until we reach the ferry from Kamenari to Leptane. From here our cycle tour takes us first to Tivat and then on a near traffic-free panoramic road with spectacular views as far as Budva. In the afternoon we have enough time to explore the picturesque old town of Budva any you are welcome to cycle a bit further in order to visit the famous hotel island of Sveti Stefan. Before dinner, we can join a guided city tour through Budva a city destroyed almost completely by an earthquake in 1979.
Overnight in Budva

Day 4: Cetinje – Virpazar (25 mi/40 km, 1,640 ft/500 m elevation)
After a short transfer, we reach the former Montenegrin capital of Cetinje. From here we take a beautiful cycle tour to Virpazar. You reach the town after 22 miles/36 km. We enjoy our lunch by the side of the famous Skutari Lake (30 mile- 48 km-long and 9 mile-/14 km-wide), one of the biggest lakes of the Balkan Peninsula. It offers a welcome resting place for the migratory birds on their journey to the south. In 1983 it was declared as a national park. Good weather offers us the opportunity to take an afternoon boat trip through this natural paradise.
Overnight in Virpazar

Day 5: Virpazar – Rijeka Crnojevica (28 miles/45 km, 3,610 ft/1,100 m elevation)
After breakfast, we jump back on our bikes and cycle on an almost traffic-free road as far as Rijeka Crnojevica. The place is known for its architecture and typical stone houses of the 17th and 18th century. Then we are free to decide to return to Cetinje by support vehicle or discover the last 12 miles/20 km and 2,300 feet/700 m of elevation by bike. On the city tour in Cetinje, we explore the most important sights, including the Montenegrin president's residence. In addition, a lot of other government buildings and former embassies testify to Cetinjes' past as the capital city.
Overnight in Cetinje

Day 6: Cetinje – Lovćen – Kotor (31 miles/50 km, 2,950 ft/900 m elevation)
After breakfast, a transfer bus brings us up to Lovćen. Depending on our mood we have the opportunity to leave the shuttle earlier in order to cycle a part of the ascent ourselves. From the highest point (more than 9,900 feet/1,500 m above sea level) we can expect a rapid descent with spectacular views of the Bay of Kotor, surrounded by mountains reaching heights of up to 5,580 feet/1,700 m.

It is the largest and best-protected bay in the entire Adriatic. Today's cycle tour leads us to Kotor. The town is almost 2,000 years old and famous for its medieval center listed under UNESCO World Heritage protection. Here a guided city tour is offered and we may end the day with a leisurely walk through town and drink at one of the numerous cosy cafès and bars.
Overnight in Kotor

Day 7: Kotor – Cavtat (12+25 miles/20+40 km, 2,630 ft/800 m elevation)
The last cycle tour leads us along the bay of Kotor until we reach the ferry between Lepetane and Kamenari. We cross the impressive bay of Kotor for the last time and board the shuttle bus on the other side. We will be taxied back to Croatia, where we make a stopover in one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country. Only a few more kilometres by bike until the end of the cycle journey.
Overnight in Cavtat

Day 8: Cavtat, departure
After breakfast, hotel check-out.


Apr 29; May 6, 20, 27; Oct 7, 2018 (minimum 6 participants)


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Island Hopping Terms and Conditions

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Large Group cancellation fees:
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Further cancellation details:

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Reservation changes are handled the same way as cancellations.  For changing your reservation, we will charge 50 € changing fee for changes made 28 days or more before the beginning of the trip.  Any later changes (if possible) will need to be handled as a cancellation and new registration. Cancellation and reservation change fees are due immediately.

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Trip Cancellation
If the minimum number of participants required for a trip is not met (18 participants for bus and boat trips, unless otherwise noted), we reserve the right to cancel it. The decision about whether the trip will take place or not will be made as early as possible, three weeks before the beginning of the trip at the latest. In case of trip cancellation, all payments you have made will be fully refunded. There can be no additional claims made against us.  As the tour operator, we have the right to cancel the tour if the trip is jeopardized, made difficult, or impaired due to an act of God.

The foundation upon which the trip is organized is the description of the services, which is available in the brochure, in official pamphlets and on our website, and confirmed in your travel contract. Alterations that become necessary after the finalization of the contract and that are made in good faith are permitted if they are not substantial, and do not change the overall character of the trip.  We assume no liability for information in the brochures of our partners or in our own brochure, even if we issued them.

We are liable within the scope of a merchant’s duty of care for diligent trip preparation, careful selection and supervision of participating agencies, accuracy of service and activity descriptions, and standard provision of the services agreed upon. Our liability for damages other than personal injury is limited to three times the cost of the trip, provided the damages are neither intentional nor due to gross negligence. This limitation is still in effect if we are responsible for the damage due to the fault of a service provider.  If we are solely procurers of foreign services, we are liable only for proper procurement, not for the services. We are liable for damage or loss of luggage up to the amount of 250 € only if the damage was caused by us and was indicated to us immediately.  Scratches on luggage, torn luggage handles, and damaged wheels are excluded from any liability.  Upon delivery of luggage at the accommodation facilities, the liability is transferred according to § 701 BGB to the officer of the accommodations.  Services that were not made use of will not be reimbursed.

A vacation that involves exercise and physical activity requires greater commitment than a conventional package tour. It is your duty to make certain that you are up to the physical challenges of such a trip.  The pre-condition for a bike-tour is that you are able to handle a bicycle in street traffic and on unpaved paths under any weather conditions.  If you rent a bike, it is your responsibility to check the condition of the bike, particularly the brakes.  You bear sole responsibility for adhering to all legal regulations at home and abroad, particularly regulations about travel documents and cross-border trade.  When traveling across the exterior borders of the EU, your luggage must remain unlocked, to facilitate passage through customs.  If your baggage is searched, you will be notified about it upon arrival at the destination.  If problems with the procurement of the services occur, you are required to help within the scope of legal regulations, in order to avoid potential damages or keep them at a minimum and report any complaints to us immediately.

Duty of Care
During the duration of the trip, you are liable for damage to or loss of bicycles and any equipment entrusted to you.  For guided tours, this is only valid if you have separated yourself from the group, have disobeyed instructions from the tour guides, or caused the damage or loss intentionally, through negligence or gross negligence.

You can demand redress if the trip services are not rendered according to the contract. This can be solved by us providing compensation of equal or greater value.  In the case of disproportionate effort, corrective action can be denied.  For the period in which the services that have not been rendered according to contract, you can request a reduction in travel price after your return. The pre-condition for this is the immediate notification of our deficiencies or those of our tour guides, so that we have the opportunity to find a remedy.  Tour guides are not authorized to recognize claims.  Independent of a reduction in travel price, you can demand compensation due to non-compliance with the travel contract, unless we are not responsible for the defect.

Limitation of claim
Claims must be made in writing within one month of the contractual end of the trip. The statute of limitation for claims based on the contract expires six months after the contractual end of the trip.  The statute of limitations for all claims of civil offence expires three years after the end of the trip.

Privacy of Personal InformationAll personal information that you give us for the processing of the trip is protected against misuse under German personal data protection law.

Travel ProtectionWe urge you to consider effecting a travel cancellation cost insurance.  Before the trip, please also find out about your medical and accident insurance and about luggage insurance or travel liability insurance, if necessary.

Severability Clause
The nullification of individual clauses in the travel contract or the travel terms does not result in the nullification of the entire contract or the travel terms.

Court of Jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction is Konstanz, Germany

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