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Friuli Regional Tour: Based in Prepotto and Gradisca

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Tour description

The starting point for this bicycle holiday is Prepotto (Prapotno in Slovenian). It is a village in the Province of Udine in the Italian region Friuli Venezia Gulia, located about 50 km northwest of Trieste and about 20 km east of Udine, on the border with Slovenia. It is a small picturesque town with old houses and winding alleys. For winegrowers and wine lovers this well-known village is an El Dorado, a place with beautiful vineyards where you can taste some of the world finest wine.

Carrying on with your trip you will arrive at Gradisca (Gradisce ob Soci in Slovenian). This little town in the east of Friuli nearby the border area of Slovenia in the First World War has been the front between Austria and Italy, well known for the 12 Battles of the Isonzo.

Daily program

Day 1: Prepotto
Individual arrival at the hotel in Prepotto.

Day 2: Round trip Prepotto – Cividale del Friuli – Udine (17 or 37 miles/28 or 60 km)
On the first day, you have the possibility to choose between two round trips, a shorter one or a longer one. The shorter tour leads to Cividale del Friuli, the medieval town of the Langobards. The historical center of the town is dominated by Piazza Duomo and Palazzo Pretorio, where you can have some rest.

The longer version leads you to the university city of Udine. You can visit the Dome, as well as the Loggia del Lionello, on the ground floor of the town hall.
Overnight in Prepotto.

Day 3: Round trip to Slovenia and Brda (25-37 miles/40-60 km)
This day takes you across the border to Slovenia and to the Brda, meeting point of three cultures (Slavic, Romanic and Germanic). The Brda is well known mainly because of the winegrowing but also for its castles and white churches which are situated mostly on hills.
Overnight in Prepotto.

Day 4: Round trip to the castles of the Collio (22-28 miles/35-45 km)
The Gorizia Hills (Collio in Italian) became well known due to its good wine, but it offers a lot for history lovers too. Today you cycle to the castles of the Collio, among which you can discover also the castle Rocca Bernarda. This castle was a fief of the patriarchy of Aquileia and had been given as a present to the city of Cividale. This city left it to the Roman family Capiferro in the 15th century. Afterwards, it was sold several times to different owners and finally to the family Perusini. The beautiful castle in the style of the 16th century is situated in the midst of extensive parks, on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Thanks to the dedication and the competence of Gaetano Perusini the cultivation of the "Picolit" grapes started, which have gained worldwide renown over the years.
Overnight in Prepotto.

Day 5: Prepotto – Cormons – Gradisca (18-25 miles/25-40 km)
Today you leave Prepotto and cycle to Cormons, the cultural and economic center of the Gorizia Hills (Collio). The main square of Cormons invites you to take a break and enjoy a glass of wine. Continue to Gradisca.
Overnight in Gradisca.

Day 6: Round trip to Aquileia (25 or 47 miles/40 or 75km)
This bicycle journey takes you to the formerly biggest city of the Roman Empire. Today the remnants of this settlement are still to be seen. Discover the secrets of the Roman city of Aquileia, the so-called "Second Rome;" Roman ruined cities, ancient churches. It is worth visiting the Aquileia Cathedral, which interior has a mosaic pavement from the 4th century.
Overnight in Gradisca.

Day 7: Gradisca – Trieste (25 miles/40 km)
On the last day of the cycling holiday, Trieste, the former Habsburg city, awaits you. On the first part of the route, following a breathtaking coastal route, the Karst Plateau accompanies you along the Adriatic Sea. Before you enter in the old seaport and commercial town of Trieste, the Castle of Miramare invites you for a visit. Return by train.
Overnight in Gradisca.

Day 8: Departure
Individual departure or extension of trip.


Tuesdays and Sundays: Mar 20-Oct 16, 2018 (additional dates upon request for parties of 5 or more)
Low season: Mar 20, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018, Jul 01, 2018 - Aug 31, 2018, Oct 01, 2018 - Oct 16, 2018
High season: May 01, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018, Sep 01, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
High season surcharge
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Bike Rentals
Trekking bike, 21-gears
Electrically assisted bike
GPS unit
Extra Nights, Gradisca
Per person, double occupancy
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Extra Nights, Prepotto
Per person, double occupancy
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Gradisca to Prepotto (Tuesdays or Saturdays), per person including bike
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On most of our tours are available electro bikes (limited availability) on request. Consult the single offers for detailed information.

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