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Northern Ireland’s Coastline by Tall Ship and Bike

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  • 7 nights | 21 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Guided from: €1390
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Tour description

Rarely is any other region subjected to the forces of Mother Nature as the green island of Ireland. Nevertheless, this small and rugged isle, engulfed by the surges of the Atlantic swell, is a place of natural beauty and diversity. While the Western side of the island is commonly frequented by tourists, the controversial Northern regions remain dormant due to their volatile past.

Join us on a discovery tour along the exceptional and dramatic coastline of Northern Ireland. Visitations to important, historical and future orientated cities such as Bangor and (London)Derry are combined with a unique sailing experience and the discovery of scenic landscapes and natural wonders by bike. The tour itinerary includes a visit to Rathlin Island, among additional highlights such as the Giants Causeway. Your floating accommodation for the week on board the Thalassa also offers a hands-on experience for all who are interested in learning what it means to bring a tall ship into motion.

Daily program

Day 1: Bangor
Arrival to Belfast is organized individually, followed by a taxi ride to the boat in Bangor. An early arrival will give you time to visit the lively harbor town. The first evening meal will give you the opportunity to get to know your travel group and guides, who will accompany you for the duration of the week.

Day 2: Bangor – Glenarm – Cushendall (approximately 6 – 14 miles/9 + 20 km; approximately 790 ft/240 m elevation gain)
After breakfast we will take a guided tour around multifaceted Bangor on our bikes. Afterwards, we leave the harbor of Bangor on board the Thalassa. The first crossing by boat will bring us to Glenarm, the oldest town in the region. We have the opportunity to cycle along one of the most scenic coastal stretches in Northern Ireland on our way to Cushendall, where we spend the night on anchor.

Day 3: Cushendall – Cushendun – Rathlin Island – Ballycastle (morning: approximately 5 miles/8 km; afternoon: approximately 9 miles/15 km; approximately 860 ft./260 m elevation gain + approximately 6 miles/9 km; approximately 230 ft/70m elevation gain)
In the morning a short first bike ride leads us from Cushendall to the nearby little coastal town of Cushendun. Here, we will pass by a cave, which was once a filming spot in the popular series Game of Thrones. After a coffee break, we board the boat and take a majestic crossing to the nearby nature reserve, Rathlin Island. The small, rugged island is well known for its picturesque coastal landscapes as well as it's extraordinary birdlife in the Kebble Cliffs National Nature Reserve on the western point of the island; our first stop on today’s island cycle tour. Thousands of brooding birds of all varieties settle here, amongst them the

After a coffee break, we board the boat and take a majestic crossing to the nearby nature reserve, Rathlin Island. The small, rugged island is well known for its picturesque coastal landscapes as well as its extraordinary birdlife in the Kebble Cliffs National Nature Reserve on the western point of the island; our first stop on today's island cycle tour. Thousands of brooding birds of all varieties settle here, amongst them the guillmots, kittiwakes, razorbills, and puffins. Those who wish can also explore the southern point of the island by bike, inhabited by hundreds of seals. We cross over to the mainland and enjoy the evening in one of the cozy pubs of Ballycastle.

Day 4: Ballycastle – Londonderry (sailing day)
Today we enjoy a day sailing on the Thalassa. Enthusiasts can seize their chance to hoist the sails, and tie the knots, whilst those looking to relax can find a quite space to read a book or gaze dreamily over the horizon.

Day 5: Londonderry (round tour by bicycle) – Greencastle (approximately 42 miles/66 km; approximately 3,000ft/900m elevation gain)
On today's cycle tour we will leave Northern Ireland behind and will explore a small part of Donegal County. Numerous migratory and endemic bird species share this peninsula as a place of refuge and living space. Enjoy a marvelous 360° degree view from an old fortress, where you can look until Derry on one side and far up to Ireland and Northern Ireland on the other one.

Back in Derry we go for a stroll on the well-maintained city wall of the old town and visit some of the most important places of the long-lasting conflict in Northern Ireland. After an eventful day, we board the Thalassa for a crossing to Greencastle. With a bit of luck we will have the chance to witness members of the local seal colony as they poke their heads out from under the water close to Greencastle.

Day 6: Portstewart – Ballycastle (approximately 30 miles/48 km, approximately 1,350 ft./410 m of elevation)
Crossing to Portstewart, where we start our bike tour to Ballycastle. A couple of great highlights await us on today's tour. A visit to the Bushmills distillery, Ireland's oldest licensed distillery, gives us the chance to taste the famous whiskey produced here, as well as an education of the various whiskey types of Northern Island.

After our visit, we immerse ourselves in Irish mythology on a stroll to the "Giant's Causeway," following in the footsteps of the giant, Fionn Mac-Cumhaill. This UNSECO World Heritage site features 37,000 fascinating basalt columns thought to have been formed by lava flows more than 60 million years ago. Our cycling tour continues along rolling hills all the way to Ballycastle, where the Thalassa is already waiting.

Day 7: Ballycastle – Cushendun – Bangor (approximately 14 miles/22 km; approximately 1,350 ft./400 m of elevation)
Today we take part on our last bike tour along the Torr Head Scenic Road which offers incredible views along the way. Once more we find ourselves in Cushendun, the small holiday destination. A short stroll leads us past impressive caves and looming cliffs, along small coastal walkways to an idyllic sandy beach. Afterwards we board the Thalassa which takes us back to Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, where we spend a celebrative last evening meal on board together with guests, crew and guides.

Day 8: Bangor (Disembarkation)
After breakfast disembarkation and individual trip home or extended stay.

The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the planned itinerary due to changing wind and weather conditions as well as organizational requirements. Should it be the case, for example, that the harbours on the above mentioned tour sequence are overcrowded, the tour will be operated in reverse.


Sundays: Jul 1*, 8*, 15, 22, 2018 (*indicates fully booked date)


Tour package
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Bike insurance, hybrid touring bike
Bike insurance, electrically assisted bike
Per person/per direction, Belfast Airport - Bangor harbor (only on embarkation or disembarkation days)
Child, ages 0-15 (on base package price)
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Lobogris43 September 21, 2018

Excellent way to see Northern Ireland

A group of five of us, all seasoned travelers, signed up for this tall ship/bike tour of Northern Ireland. The trip was all we expected and more.
The ship, the Thalassa, was impressive - a three-masted schooner with a limited number of cabins (17 total, I think). Because I anticipated that the cabins would be very small, I opted to pay extra for a room of my own but the other 4 people in the group shared a room and did just fine. The single supplement was reasonable and for me, worth it. The cabins had bunks, a lavatory and a shower. Toilets were down the hall and there were enough that there was never a long wait. It was an odd configuration since most boats would have had group showers and in-room toilets, but it was not a hardship. The cabins were narrow and two people would have had to coordinate dressing and other activity, but since the cabins were mostly for sleeping, it was not a problem.
The crew was excellent. They were helpful and friendly and the chef was superb! Meals were European style (continental breakfasts but with eggs, light lunches and excellent dinners. Our first dinner of moussaka set a high bar but the chef hit it almost every dinner following. High marks.) Most of the crew were from Holland (the Thalassa is based in a Dutch port) and almost all of them spoke fluent English as well as German (of the passengers, only 6 of us were from the US - most of the others were German) and several other languages. They all knew their jobs well and were pleasant companions. Like most US travelers, I was surprised at the number of crew and passengers who smoked, but the smokers were considerate and unless you spent a lot of time in the open smoking deck area aft of the bar, it was not noticeable.
Because it was a 'tall ship' experience, several of the passengers opted to assist with raising and lowering the sails (this was rare on our trip - mostly we motored to our destinations) and they clearly enjoyed the experience. I have a bad back and my days of climbing rigging are long gone, but I took some great photos of the boat under sail and the volunteer deck-apes swarming the rigging. Everyone who assisted was safely secured with safety lines in case of miss-steps, but everyone remained safely aboard.
Our bike crew included an excellent guide who had returned as a guide after being a passenger on previous trips and the bike-wallah who drove the sag wagon and minded the bikes was friendly and very good at his job. The bike rides were very fine although the terrain was quite hilly and I was glad that I had opted for the e-bike option. Except for an intermittent battery contact failure which sabotaged me briefly a few times, I had no problem keeping up with the peloton. It only rained hard on us one time during the week and although it was less than fun riding in the rain everyone had adequate gear and we pedaled through the rain with no problems.
The Northern Irish countryside was stunningly gorgeous and seeing it from a bike provided a wonderful perspective that made for a terrific experience. The tour was well-planned and we visited numerous points of interest - Game of Thrones filming sites and the Giant's Causeway and Rathlin Island - as well as lots of cozy pubs for well-earned, post ride beverages. Because we were on bikes instead of in a bus, the group bonded in a way that is rare on most tours and we made new friends (and learned new words in German).
Overall, an excellent experience and a fine way to see Northern Ireland.