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Rhine Bike Path: Mainz to Cologne

  • 4.7


  • 6 nights | 26 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €529
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Tour description

Please note that the Bikeline (cycling guide with maps and local information) for this tour is not available in English (German only). You will still receive directions and other tour documents in English, and the bike path is well marked.

The Rhine bike trail from Mainz to Cologne is the most beautiful part of the river. The hot springs and spas attracted the ancient Romans to the Rhine. Today vineyards and picturesque towns add to the region's charm.

Admire this gorgeous landscape as you ride to Cologne, where you can see the cathedral spires tower over Germany's oldest city. Enjoy its innumerable cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene.

Life in Cologne is uncomplicated and vivacious. It's a wonderful town for the end of a fabulous tour.

Daily program

Day 1: Mainz
Upon your arrival in Mainz, you should visit the Roman-Germanic Central Museum, Gutenberg Museum, Emperor's Cathedral and Electors Castle.
Overnight in Mainz

Day 2: Mainz – Rüdesheim (19-31 mi/35-49 km)
The beautiful first stage leads through rolling vineyards and well-known wine villages. The Rhine flows unhurriedly, forming little islands and broadening its bed up to a width of 2600 ft/800 m. Before you reach Rüdesheim you may choose to ride an additional 9 mi/14 km to visit the half-timbered town of Eltville and Monastery Eberbach, which are both worth seeing.
Overnight in Rudesheim

Day 3: Rüdesheim – St. Goar (24 mi/38 km)
Grand castles line today's route. You definitely should climb up to the Loreley! A hiking path leads up to this lovely spot and offers a beautiful view of the narrowest part of the romantic Rhine Valley.
Overnight in St. Goar

Day 4: St. Goar – Koblenz (22 mi/36 km)
Further on in the narrow Rhine Valley, the route first heads to Boppart. If you wish you can go to Vierseenblick, or Four Lake View, by cable car. Alternatively, you could choose to visit "Deutschen Eck" in Koblenz to see the well-preserved Castle Marksburg and Castle Stolzenfels.
Overnight in Koblenz

Day 5: Koblenz – Bad Godesberg (36 mi/58 km)
You have so many options for stops along today's route, like cozy health resorts, inviting wine villages, thermal baths, and beer gardens. You can also choose to take a break from cycling and take an enjoyable boat trip on the Rhine. Between Koblenz and Bad Godesberg, anything is possible!
Overnight in Bad Godesberg

Day 6: Bad Godesberg – Cologne (27 mi/43 km)
Bonn is an inviting stop along today's route and offers a view of Cologne Cathedral. Today's stage is not very long, and you'll have enough time to admire the many sights of Cologne.
Overnight in Cologne

Day 7: Cologne
Nobody wants to leave, but after a week in the beautiful Rhine Valley the tour ends in Cologne.


Daily: Apr 21-24; Apr 26-May 15; May 19-24; May 26-29; Jun 3-11; Jun 13-Jul 1; Jul 3-4; Jul 17-Aug 6; Aug 21-Sep 3; Sep 16-Oct 6, 2018
Low season: Apr 21, 2018 - May 09, 2018, Sep 01, 2018 - Oct 06, 2018
High season: May 10, 2018 - Aug 31, 2018


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
High season surcharge
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Bike Rentals
Hybrid touring bike, 27-speed
Electrically assisted bike
Extra Nights, Cologne
Per person, double occupancy
Single room (1 person/1 room)
Extra Nights, Mainz
Per person, double occupancy
Single room (1 person/1 room)
Return to Mainz by bus, per person, including bike
Child, under 14 sharing a room with 2 full-paying adults (on base package price)
Child, under 14 in their own room (on base package price)
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a) a damage of the Traveler is caused neither by willful misconduct or gross negligence of the tour operator or

b) The tour operator's responsibility for a Clint's damage solely results from the default of a third party service provider.

11.2 The tour operator is not liable for default of performance or damages in relation to performance of third parties only arranged by the tour operator as intermediary at the travel destination (e.g. sport events, theatre, trips, exhibitions etc.) or expressly marked in the travel description as third party services.

11.3 If the tour operator acts as contractual airfreight carrier, liability is regulated by the Act on Air Traffic in connection with the international treaties of Warsaw, The Hague, Guadalajara and Montreal. The Warsaw treaty as a rule limits the liability of an airfreight carrier for loss of life or body damages as well as for loss of or damage of luggage.

12. Period of Limitation, Exclusion of Assignement

12.1 Any claims of the Traveler against the tour operator, irrespective of their legal basis - with the exemption of claims of the Traveler based on tort ? come under the statute of limitations one year after the contractually envisaged time of return travel. Are negotiations on claims or their factual basis pending between the Traveler and the tour operator the statutes of limitation are suspended until the Traveler or the tour operator refuse to continue the negotiations? The aforementioned statutes of limitation of one year come into force three months after the end of the suspension at the earliest.

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13.2 The entire legal- and contractual relationship between the Traveler and the tour operator shall exclusively be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany if the Traveler's place of residence or business is not Germany.

13.3 For Claims of the tour operator against the Traveler the Traveler's place of residence is decisive, unless the claim is directed against a Merchant (as defined by HGB, German Commercial Code), legal entities of public or private law or persons having their place of residence or common whereabouts abroad or having an unknown place of residence or unknown common whereabouts at the time of bringing up the claim.

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Badgers September 28, 2017


Despite chilly temperatures and rain we thoroughly enjoyed our Rhine River self guided tour. The hotels were comfortable, the breakfasts were top-notch and the route took us through so much beautiful scenery.

Responses from

Jim Johnson, Founder and president April 24, 2018
Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed your Rhine tour!
bike beasty August 10, 2017

A perfect first tour!

This tour definitely met with our expectations, and was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The information given beforehand was really comprehensive and the recommendations for meals and excursions really helpful. This was bought as a 70th birthday present for my husband and he/we had a great time! A bottle of bubbly awaited him on the first evening of the ride, as a present from the company, which he was very touched by! We were very lucky with the weather too, so all in all a great little adventure!

Zacthecat June 28, 2017

Great fun rolling down the river

As a group of four, 2 couples in our early 60s, we self-guided down the Rhine. Three of us had e-bikes and one did it the old fashioned way. We all loved the riding and we were lucky with the weather, which was fine and mostly sunny.
The information provided was very good, but we recommend a better description of how to find the hotels. In two cases the hotel wasn't on the map, so that needs to be improved. Perhaps draw a coloured line from the bike path to the hotel, with a different colour for each hotel.

jackie20 May 26, 2017

Good trip

Most hotels were excellent, however two (in St Goar and Bad Godesberg) had our rooms on either the second or third floor and no elevators. Best hotel and service were at the Baron in Rudesheim. In addition, the maps and directions to hotel in Bad Godesberg and Cologne were poor. Lastly, recommend sightseeing trip to Monastery Eberbach include distance, we never found the place after riding 10km. Overall, good trip.

Julius August 28, 2016

Lovely ride

I decided on the spur of the moment to treat myself to a bike tour. The Mainz to Cologne route appealed to me because I did it by boat many years ago. It was one of the most enjoyable holidays I've ever had. The scenery was impressive, the ride was nice and easy and the hotels were sufficiently comfortable. Having done bike trips before where I carted my own luggage it was an absolute luxury to have my luggage looked after by the tour company. This was done in a very efficient way. The trip is quite easy. Before this, the last time I was on a bike for more than 10km was about 10 years ago. I had no problems, other than some saddle soreness after the first day. I would recommend proper cycling shorts, that makes life in the saddle a little easier.

krpete July 12, 2016

60th Birthday Celebration

My wife took me on this beautiful Rhine bike ride for my 60th birthday. What a great way to experience Germany first hand! All of the bed-and-breakfast-style hotels were wonderful, clean and well-apportioned. Breakfast in the morning always had a great selection of foods, leaving us well-energized each day to hit the trail. We rode at our own pace every day, stopping on a whim to look at this, that, and the other thing. We toured castles, Roman ruins, shopped (the panniers were large enough to accommodate most items we bought), ate snacks and lunch, and took advantage of any and all photo ops. At the end of each afternoon we had time to do a walking tour of each town we stayed in, eat a stellar dinner and then have a hot shower and a good night's rest. The weather and temperature were very cooperative, just perfect. We absolutely cannot wait to do this again next spring. We are already planning another trip to another destination. Best vacay ever!

Paulie July 6, 2016

When the Weather Agrees The Rhine is Beautiful

Flat, well-marked path. Castles. Wine. Beer. Friendly hotel staffs. For what more could I ask?
If possible opt-out of the dinner package, restaurants in all towns visited are plentiful. The menu selection available is very limited and beverages are not included in the price of dinner.

JustBob June 7, 2016

Land of Castle, Cruise Ships and Barges

After 18 day on a bus tour, a self-guided bike tour along the Rhine was a perfect way to regain some solitude. The tough decision were which of t many historic towns, castles and churches to sit and visit, and what kind of pastry go best with with late morning beer! It would be even better if the Bikeline guide we available in English.

2travelers November 5, 2015

Loved every minute

This was our first bike vacation and didn't know what to expect, we loved every minute! We chose Bike Tours Direct because they allowed us to change the itinerary to include 2 extr days in Lorch, the town that shares my husbands family name! After all this was his 60th birthday trip. We had a magically stay in Lorch, met the Mayor who gave us the town flag and put our picture on their FB page! Fun.
We never saw the team that picked up our luggage, but sure enough our bags were always waiting for us at our next stop. The entire bike trip was beatiful, historical and we can't wait to go again.
Thanks Bike Tours Direct, you rock!