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Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.

Imagine the convenience of a hotel that traveled with you. Following you wherever you go, it gives you the luxury of unpacking and settling in, all while touring beyond the typical radius of an overnight stay.

This isn’t a scenario only found in fantasy vacation land. This is a reality on a bike and boat tour. You’ll take in beautiful landscapes and explore European must-sees during the day, then head back to your “floating hotel” at night.

Bike and boat tours are perfect for those who may want the option to take a break from cycling during the trip and watch the sights from the deck rather than from the saddle. Or who don’t want to pack and unpack every day.

Our clients love bike and boat tours so much that many sell out early in the year.
Here are 15 favorites that still have availability—and are sure to amaze you!

See our full list of bike & boat tours here


1. Dalmatia from Dubrovnik by Bike and Boat

island-hopping_dalmatia-dubrovnik-plus-bike-boat-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.One of our highest-rated tours! Cycle along the Adriatic coast through green forests and fertile valleys, exploring small villages and medieval towns along the way. Travel by sea to experience enchanting islands. Further highlights include the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik and Mosta (situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina).
One client loved the tour so much, she wrote a blog post about it. “We are so lucky: Cycling in the southern Dalmatian Islands!”

Dates available through October


2. Danube Bike and Boat: Passau – Vienna – Passau

You’ll cycle on dedicated bike paths along wooded riverbanks and through small, medieval villages in the deep Danube valley. On the valley walls: vineyard terraces and enchanted castles and monasteries. Your turnaround point: Vienna, the world cultural capital. The Danube by any mode of transportation is a perennial favorite.

Good availability mid-summer through fall


3. Amsterdam – Gouda – Bruges

cycletours-holidays_amsterdam-gouda-bruges-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.The Dutch 17th-Century Golden Age and the heyday of the Flemish trading cities of the Middle Ages are united in this route. You’ll explore the green polder landscape with its dikes, windmills, tranquil roads and villages and, of course, the Dutch capital of Amsterdam and Belgium’s treasure cities of Ghent and Bruges. And if you’re anything like client Hutch, this tour will not disappoint. “This trip exceeded all my expectations!”

Good availability through fall


4. Provence by Bike and Boat

A wonderful bike and boat tour in the Rhone Valley through Provence and the wild seaside setting of the Camargue. As you ride, you’ll likely see some of the same scenes Van Gogh painted more than a century ago.

“This bike tour will be revisited frequently in our memories. The countryside of Provence in the autumn, with the black bulls, white horses, and rose-colored flamingos, amidst the golden hills and winding riverways, set the scene for fine pedaling. I had not anticipated the depth of history and exposure to art that would also surround the ride.”—MB

Dates available in June, July, September, and October


5. Mosel and Saar by Bike and Boat

se-tours_mosel-saar-bike-and-boat-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.


The journey through the Saar and Mosel valleys traverses some of Germany’s most beautiful countryside and historic regions including sprawling vineyards (with ample opportunities to taste the wines), mighty fortresses, beautiful half-timber houses, and 2,000-year-old Roman sites.

Excellent availability all season


6. Mosel and Lorraine by Bike and Boat

Travel along bike and towpaths to adventures through area vineyards (to try out some delicious local wines), and experience the enchanting historic towns of Metz and Nancy, France, and Wasserbillig, Luxembourg. How fitting that you’ll float along aboard the Beautiful Flower (La Belle Fleur), an aptly-named boat for the breathtaking sights of the region.

Excellent availability in late-August to mid-October 


7. Bordeaux by Bike and Boat: Castets-en-Dorthe to Fronsac

boat-bike-tours_bordeaux-bike-boat-1-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.Delicious wines, rich cuisine, and a charming city full of history and impressive architecture are just the icing on the cake to an already breathtaking tour. By boat, you’ll cruise the Dordogne, Garonne, and Gironde Rivers. By bike (should you choose!), you’ll travel the rolling hills through stops at castles, villages, and UNESCO World Heritage sites to experience all that is beautiful Bordeaux.

Excellent availability all season


8. Holland by Bike and Boat, Northern Tour

Take a quintessentially Dutch tour through North Holland and Friesland, strolling through old fishing and harbor villages. You’ll get your fix of windmill viewing and will delight in a stop at the Zaanse Schans open-air museum, complete with a cheese-and-clog factory (we told you this was quintessential Dutch!). Add in the beautiful beaches of the North Sea and the historic canals of Amsterdam, and you’ve got yourself a delightful week of bike and boat adventures.

General availability summer through fall


9. Holland by Bike and Boat, Southern Tour

boat-bike-tours_holland-bike-boat-southern-tour-2-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.Just as “Dutch” as its northern tour counterpart, this southern trip will take you through Holland’s countryside, known as the “Green Heart.” Start the tour in Amsterdam, before you make your way to Breukelen, with sights full of castles, country houses, and old-world tea rooms. In Kinderdijk you’ll be amazed at the seemingly never-ending row of windmills (with 19 in all!). And don’t forget the up-close-and-personal viewing of the Scottish Highland cows and Shetland ponies at the Kennemer dunes!

Excellent availability all season


10. Amsterdam and the Sea by Bike and Boat

This voyage by bike and boat takes you through traditional Dutch towns and charming landscapes filled with windmills and, if you time it right, tulips (oh, the tulips!). You’ll also get to experience Alkmaar, the capital of Dutch cheese, aka what dreams are made of. Engage with the locals and explore Dutch culture in Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Edam, and Volendam, and then make sure to say hello to the famous sheep of Texel.

Excellent availability all season


11. Amsterdam to Bruges by Bike and Boat

se-tours_bruges-fluvius-bike-boat-3-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.There’s no need to pick just one favorite Netherlands spot. On this tour, you’ll get to try them all out. Travel through Ghent, Antwerp, and Amsterdam, where you can visit a UNESCO World Heritage site and cycle along the Scheldt River. In Bruges, the “Venice of the North,” take in the beautiful architecture of its city center and be sure to shop for some local treats and trinkets while you’re in the little metropolis of Western Flanders.

General availability from summer into fall


12. Mosel and Saar Bike and Barge (Germany)

Roman villas, ancient public baths, and the Porta Nigra monument are just a few of the highlights of this bike and barge tour through Germany. If you’re up for the trek, don’t miss the opportunity to bike the Moselle-Maare trail, a track built on an old railway line and one of the most famous trails in the region. You won’t regret the chance to see stunning landscapes of volcanoes and crater lakes. Reward yourself with a little “Piesporter Goldtröpfchen,” the local white wine in Bernkastel Kues.

Availability in August and October


13. Kvarner Bay (Croatia)

island-hopping_kvarn-plus-bike-boat-2-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.The hardest part of this tour will be deciding where to look. With the Velebit Mountains to the east and the Istria Peninsula to the northwest, the trip will appeal to all your sightseeing preferences. You’ll spend your boat time aboard a sleek motor yacht, and you’ll spend your time in the saddle exploring the medieval city of Rab, the flower island of Molat, and the Telascica Nature Park. Want even more? Try the famous Zlahtina white wine at the vineyards in the Island of Krk!

“Kvarner Bay by Bike and Boat was a perfect way to cycle through beautiful Croatia and relax while cruising from island to island.”— Jill

Excellent availability all season


14. National Parks of Dalmatia by Bike/E-bike and Boat (Croatia)

The beauty of Croatia cannot be understated, and should not be missed. This bike and boat tour will guide you through the country’s greenest sights, paying special attention to the stunning view of the Dalmatia National Parks, the medieval towns of Šibenik, Zadar, and Trogir, and the spectacular coastlines along the Islands of Dugi Otok, Molat, and Pasman. You’ll spend the week immersed in a healthy mix of history, nature, and Croatian culture.

Excellent availability in summer and fall


15. Ionian Islands Multi-Sport Family Cruise (Greece)

island-hopping_ionian-islands-multisport-family-cruise-1-2160x1200-c-center-300x167 Bike and boat tours are selling out fast! Here are 15 favorites still available for 2018.Blue Grecian waters welcome you as you’ll make your home for the week on a two-masted wooden motor yacht, perfect to adventure through the Ionian Islands. Experience a Greek specialty, olives, up close as you ride through the regions groves, before trying out the beaches of Porto Katsiki and the mesmerizing Drogerati Cave.This tour is great for families, with a variety of activity options, including biking (of course!), hiking, swimming, canoeing, and kicking back on board the yacht

“The tour was better than we could ever have imagined. The crew and guides were professional, hospitable and made the tour even more fun.”— Kelly

Summer availability


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