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Client feedback

We share our clients' excitement in finding and getting ready for the bike trip of their dreams, so we love that we frequently hear back from them after their trips. The stories, pictures, kudos to tour operators, and recommendations for future trips all help us better serve our future clients.

There's more feedback on tour pages, but here are just a few client notes to whet your appetite.

General experience feedback

"All in all I was very impressed.  I have done a bunch of tours with Trek Travel (was a Trek dealer for 14 years), but I never fully utilized what I was paying for since we always went off route and rode extra miles, not using the guide much at all.  So your tour, while definitely no frills, was an amazing value for us getting so much for so little. 

Thank you very much for an awesome bike ride through the Dolomites and visits to a bunch of cool cities.  I will definitely recommend you to others looking for tours in the future."
-Ilan P. 

"We are home after two of your trips in Germany and France - bike and barge and self guided. We did one of your tours in Italy last year. We wish to thank you for your services. Here is what we appreciate - Heather and Simon have been very responsive to any of our questions, regardless of the question; the venders have been excellent; the cost is very reasonable for the product received; all the hotels have been quite good without exception; the bikes have been good; and thus far, booking thru you has resulted is tours where the majority of the participants (in the two group tours - one guided in Italy and the bike and barge) - were NOT from the US, which is why we took a chance on you last year in the first place. If we wanted to tour with US, we would use a US company, but why would I want to do that? Would not be the same experience. So now we gather our photos together for this year and begin planning trips for next year and will at some point be back in contact with you. I have passed your web site on to as many folks as might be interested so they too can enjoy a really good cycling experience."
-Judy and Chris S.

"We enjoyed our Connemara Cycling Tour. Thanks for your help in putting this together. We will think of you in the future if we look for other biking adventures." 
-Steve T. 

"I thought the support of Bike Tours Direct staff before the trip was great.  I called the Tennessee office with questions and they were very helpful. I would recommend BikeToursDirect and would consider another trip with BikeToursDirect. I think you do a great job."
-Myrnie D.

"As usual we had a great trip. Just sent off an email to a friend who wants to travel in Italy next summer. She was quite interested in your tours, and I had talked them up to her. We are thinking of Spain for next year ourselves, so you should get plenty more business out of us. Thank you for a well-run company that seems to do its job consistently well. Much appreciated. Talk to you again next year!"
-Larry and Judy J.

"My wife and I just returned from a Bike tour in the Piedmont region of Italy it was a Wonderful trip. We used I would highly recommend this company as a the best way to make sure all your accommodations and tours goes off with out any problems. The Hotels are clean and the service we received was wonderful. The staff at Bike tours answered all of my questions with out any hesitation made good suggestions for ground transportation to and from the starting. You could not ask for abetter experience. If you are thinking about any type of bike touring vacation you need to contact Bike Tours Direct. Thank you again to all of the staff you folks are the best."
(See original post in Rick Steves' Europe travel forum) 

"I would like to thank BikeToursDirect for one of the best, most memorable vacations I have ever had the joy of experiencing. As I reviewed my photos of castles, churches, vineyards, small towns, and spectacular vistas there is one main thing that stands out for me: out of 19 people on the tour counting the guide, my friend and I were the only Americans! I consider this a great advantage. Had we booked a tour through a US tour group there would have no doubtedly been mostly people from the US. When I go to a foreign country I want to know and learn from people from different countries. We had the pleasure of riding with people from Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Australia. What fun to share stories, customs, and experiences with non Americans. We had great evenings just sitting around the boat visiting and joking with each other. If anyone is in doubt about booking a tour through Bike Tours Direct, don't hesitate, you'll never regret it. Thank you BTD for a great ride."
- Kendra 

Tour feedback


"We had a great time! The tour hotels were all very good and served an ample breakfast to start our day. Most importantly, the bike quality and maintenance was excellent. The maps and tour information provided were good, and we especially appreciated the little green arrows on posts along the way for extra help.

"The trails, sights, food, and wine were just great. The countryside and mountain views were beautiful. Riding through the valley with mountains at our sides and vineyards next to the trail was unforgettable. The trails were great...mostly flat to gently rolling and traffic free. The few real climbs could be skipped by alternate routes provided. The Lake Garda boat ride, included with our trip, was great. Overall, a wonderful trip."
- Joel B. 
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Catalonia: Pyrenees to Mediterranean

"We had a great trip through Catalonia and the Costa Brava this month! The scenery was so beautiful and the countryside was dotted with endless medieval villages! The food was shocking great! I would have to say it was some of the best I've eaten anywhere.

"We were lucky to have enjoyed a week of great weather and the upgraded hotels Creative Catalonia arranged for us were spectacular! They really went above and beyond the call of duty for us in every way. They came out twice on Easter weekend to help the group out with equipment and then again to greet us at the upgraded hotels to ensure we made it there safely. The bikes were new and well outfitted and the route easy to follow and well marked. I wanted to start over and do the whole trip again!

"Congratulations on choosing great contractors. This wasn't our first trip with you and will not be our last." 
Edmonton, Canada
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Holland by Bike and Boat, Southern Tour

"We're home after our fourth bike trip – safe and sound.

"We enjoyed our Holland biking. The scenery was lovely and charming. Mostly flat with a few inclines when we went to the sand dunes and beach. The Dutch are very clean and pristine. The gardens and yards are well manicured. The little towns are charming. Our tour guide, Jack, was excellent. He led us through the difficult areas and made sure everyone was on track.

"Every evening Jack prepared us for the next day's biking with a review of the map and forewarned us of some difficult spots. Thanks for your help."
- Dick V. 

"I would HIGHLY recommend this trip. I was hesitant at first being on a barge boat -- but the boat was large enough, with quite an enjoyable ambience for the salon, bar and dining room. Yes, the rooms were small but we knew that and packed accordingly. There was way too much food – and good food – hearty food for the 35 miles averaged day biking. The staff went overboard in being helpful, professional and friendly.

"We had both country and city biking – not a lot of the latter but enough to be able to see the architecture, etc. Jack our tour director took us on walks after dinner when we were docked at the different cities to view the small villages and cities as the boat only traveled during the day while we were biking." 
- Helen B.
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Kvarn Bay by Bike and Boat

"We had a great trip. I've ridden many bike events – as leader and as a participant – and this was wonderful. The food was unbelievable. We're considering another next year. Booking through you helped a bunch, as we didn't have to hassle with currency exchange. (Did I say the meals were too good?)" 
- Judy McCarroll

"We had a wonderful time on this tour. The tour company was very professional in all ways. We would (and have) recommended this tour company to many friends."  
- Marilyn W.
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Slovenia – Around Mount Triglav

"What a great trip! For anyone who likes climbing in an area with beautiful scenery, friendly people, and fascinating history, particularly the World War I era, it doesn’t get any better! We wouldn’t have been able to do the tour without the trip books provided by local tour company—they were invaluable." 
- Larry S.
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Venice to Florence

"The trip was great. We were able to see two great cities as well as a number of other towns in between. Not having done a foreign bike tour I did have some trepidation about our ability to do a self-guided tour. Now having done it, I would say that it was actually the best way to go. We rode at our own pace and stopped as it suited us.

"Even though we were given a map and detailed directions, we were pretty much able to exclusively use the markers along the route as our guide. The markers basically made it so we didn’t have to slow down to figure out where to turn next. The bike company people were friendly and we never had a problem with luggage transfers.

"The towns along the route ranged in interest. Some were beautiful with interesting sites and places to eat while others were pretty much a place to stay until the next morning’s ride. The hotels were modest but acceptable. The scenery was nice and seemed to get more interesting the closer we got to Florence.

"Overall, the trip was well-prepared, well-managed and great fun. Thanks for everything!"
- Bruce W.
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Andalusia: The 'Pueblos Blancos'

"We had a wonderful time on this tour. I would highly recommend it. Ronda is the most beautiful town I've ever visited, with such a stunning location. The landscape throughout this trip was amazing and constantly changing. The wildflowers and oleander were all in bloom, and the roadsides were lined with beautiful color. The Spanish drivers were quite considerate, although mostly the roads were very quiet anyway. The meals were consistently good, even in very small restaurants. The white hilltop villages were fascinating, with Moorish forts often dominating the sky-line. Definitely this is a tour to put at the top of the 'must-see' list!"
-Nancy Elliot
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Danube Family Tour

"We had a wonderful trip. Everything went very smoothly - good biking equipment, great hotels, good transportation, etc. We really enjoyed the trip and are already looking at future trips with the family in a different location. So many thanks for helping us plan the tour." 
-Jodi M.
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"We just returned from the Apulia self-guided trip and again I want to pass on my kudos to Girolibero for another fantastic tour. This one is very much scenery-focused as opposed to some other tours where it might be more architecture or city-oriented. The tour was a nice mix of country and water, and that variety was well appreciated. Hotels - we loved our hotels and thought that they were amongst the most interesting that we had stayed at during any tour.

"Another great tour - thanks a lot for the impeccable organization!" 
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Taste of Burgundy Bike and Barge Tour

"We had a marvelous time! The boat was comfortable, clean and the crew was just the right mix of friendly, interactive and background. The bikes were in great condition. The bike tour guide was delightful. Thanks for your help and support."
-Katie T.
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Connemara Lazy Days

"We had a great trip cycling the Connemara Lazy Day Tour! Everything worked out very well for us....even the weather. After travelling for 20 hours we arrived unscathed in Clifden and met Chloe from Killary Tours upon arriving at our first hotel. She was very friendly and fairly well organized and she and her partner had us set up with what proved to great bikes in no time. Our accommodation was great.

"I must tell you though that since we've been home many people we've spoken to about our trip have been interested and fascinated with the idea of a self-guided bike tour. Everyone assumes that we must have been biking with a group. I have passed your website address on to a number of people and I hope for your sake that it might bring you some business.

"Thanks again for your help in giving us a great holiday. Hopefully I'll need to hire your services again in the future."  
-Marian G.
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Danube Bike Path

"Thank you for a wonderful tour, the accommodations and their localities were great and the service and food was friendly. I appreciated the mix of authentic local guesthouses and nice luxury places. The scenery here in Austria is amazing and on bicycle was a great way to see it. This was made so easy with the maps and luggage transfer, and the panniers on my comfy bike soon began to fill with some of the local produce to take home for presents. The weather made the first few days tough (really loved that most accommodations had a sauna to relax in after the day's ride) but I intend to come back and do this again in warmer weather because there is so much beauty here. Thank you for your organization, it was a marvelous (even if frosty) trip."
- Nicole S. 

"Our bike trip down the Danube Bike path last summer could not have been better.  We had absolutely a blast.  The bikes, accommodations, meals, just everything was perfect.  Not a complaint to be made.  I will even admit that my response to this trip when my wife proposed it was do we really have to go that far just to ride our bikes.  I had never been to Europe and it just seemed like too much trouble (my preference has always been wilderness travel).  But I fell in love with the place, the people, especially the food, the wine and  beer.  I can’t wait to go back, and I would most definitely book with Bike Tours Direct again in a second.  Thanks for opening a new world for us."

"Thank you very much for a wonderful bike tour. The service was outstanding! All the hotels were very nice, and many far exceeded our expectations. They must be 5* hotels. We also liked the Zur-Post in Melk. We would love to book another tour with you in the future and would recommend your company highly."
-Charles H.

 "Our recent bike ride along the Danube bike path was fabulous. The hotels, the bikes, and the back-up service were excellent. We want to and plan to ride more routes around the world. Our holiday was excellent and we are looking forward to dealing with you again soon." 
- Gerry M.

 "We enjoyed the Danube cycle tour so much. It was one of the best things I have ever done. There were a few little odds mistakes and stuff but overall the service was great and we managed to find our way. Would like to do something similar maybe next year. We like the adventure bit and the exercise each day- find the usual tourist viewing a bit boring. And thanks for great organizing. I have a few friends who may contact you." 
- Claire
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Vienna to Budapest with Bratislava

"Thanks for all your help in planning our bike tour Vienna to Budapest. I've taken several self-guided and guided bike tours with several companies in Europe and Australia. It was my husband's first bike trip and I was anxious that it be enjoyable for him. And it was. Hopefully, we will cycle with you again! Thanks." 
-Nita Wardlow
Richmond, BC, Canada
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Czech Greenways

"We are home from an AMAZING bike trip!! EVERY part of our adventure was so well organized – start to finish. Every day was an adventure – we loved the villages and towns we biked through – and our destination towns and hotels were excellent – we marveled each day at the end of our rides. The Czech Republic left us breathless with its incredible scenery." 
- Joyce and Ben Lucas
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Brussels to Bruges

"The trip was excellent. We enjoyed cycling in Belgium and are looking forward to another self guided tour soon. Overall, I give high marks to VOS as a tour operator. BikeToursDirect (BTD) has chosen a good quality company with VOS. I appreciate all that BTD did in working with me in making our reservation. I realize there were many changes and I congratulate you on handling them with speed and attention. I will book again with BTD."
- Morry G.
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Baltic Capital Cities

"Now we are back from a most interesting and well-organized "Baltic Capital City" guided bicycle tour. We have cycled in France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic and Ireland in all kinds of landscapes ... so we have some guided cycle tours to compare with.

"My husband and I are so very satisfied with the whole tour. It was just what we expected except for some extra positive factors.

"Of all our cycling guides we have had, Marius takes the lead! Such a pleasant, knowledgeable and diplomatic person and with such a good sense of humor - never have the two of us had so much fun along the roads and at the tables! Our driver, Linas, was everywhere every time serving water, carrying luggage, honking the horn, waving from the bus.

"The bicycles were excellent except for some trouble they had to cope with the fine sand that caused the brakes to wear. You could not have planned a better tour for us, and it was with great sadness I said goodbye to my good workhorse, womens' No. 7.

"Wish you all the best with your business ... and thank you for another three European countries in our cycling lives!"  
- Anita B.
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"We had a wonderful tour with Discover France. They're an excellent company whom I'd highly recommend. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. The luggage transfer was outstanding - always arrived ahead of us no matter how early we got there, and was placed in easy-to-locate but safe locations for us to pick up. 
  2. The company rep called us a couple of times to check on everything. There was a bit of confusion on the part of the first hotel about our final travel docs and GPS. The rep got right on this and worked even after hours to clear it up.
  3. One of the highlights was the GPS. It was very useful, especially when we took extra little excursions off the main route and also in the towns. We found the best use of it was to keep it in our saddlebag and refer to it when at a decision point. We didn’t want to spend all our touring time looking at it on our handlebars and miss the scenery and atmosphere.
  4. Speaking of scenery - wonderful! Great route for photos!
  5. Pre-trip documentation was excellent and came well ahead of departure."

- Joan
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Amalfi Coast Bike and Boat

"It was AMAZING. One of my best trips ever. The combination of boat and bike was a perfect fit for us. Seeing the Amalfi Coast from both perspectives was incredible. The guide and the boat staff did great at accommodating a very diverse group. The Amalfi was more beautiful than I ever expected, the bikes were fine and appropriately geared for the climbs. The food was good. It was not any less than marketed. In fact, I felt that it was better." 
- Janet C.
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Loire Valley by Bike and Barge

"The Loire Valley Bike and Barge trip is a great choice for those looking to ride and relax. It offers a very relaxing ride through nice countryside, small towns and picturesque villages, with a few challenging hills on the way to the vineyards. There is plenty of good food and warm hospitality. If you want to get away from the big cities and tourists, consider this tour."
- Neil G.

 "My wife and I can't speaking highly enough of this trip. The hosts and cooks were a Scottish couple who couldn't do enough for us. When we arrived on the first evening we were all greeted with a glass of champagne. Each evening we were supplied with a beautiful 3-course meal. The tour guide spoke excellent English and had a good knowledge of the area. He was half everybody’s age but was very patient. Since getting back and on our travels we have become your unofficial ambassadors in Australia and have passed your web site on to numerous people."
- Robert D.
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Salzburg to Vienna, River Option

"The holiday was fantastic. Everything was well organized. Hotels were all excellent and my backpack was always waiting for me when I got there and all had great breakfasts.

"I loved the rides and managed to lose about 8kgs (I needed to). The section from Passau to Krems was much easier, but I’m glad I did the Salzburg to Passau leg. The weather in Salzburg was rainy when we arrived, however, it cleared up the following day and it was perfect for the whole ride - couldn't have asked for better.

"Thanks once again for organizing the trip and would have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future."
- Mike S.

 "Today is our final day to Vienna. So far a wonderful trip! I've given your web site to several people we met along the way. Thanks for your help and prompt responses! 
- Emily Jones
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Salzburg Lakes Explorer

"Generally very happy with the tour. In particular we appreciated the support provided by BikeToursDirect in customising the tour to suit our needs. All our requests were taken on board and fulfilled.

"The bikes were great – very comfortable, easy to adjust and well-maintained. All other necessary equipment was provided (bike locks, repair equipment, etc. – fortunately we didn’t need to use the latter!)

"The routes covered a very good cross-section of the beautiful Salzkammergut. At our request this was happily adjusted to include Wolfgangsee. We were very happy with this variation and would recommend it for other cyclists who like a leisurely pace. At St. Wolfgang we avoided the huge queues (even out of season) waiting to travel up to the famous Schafberg (as suggested) and instead took the ferry back to St. Gilgen, where we had immediate access via the Zwoelferhorn cable car to equally spectacular views. This option could be suggested to other cyclists who don’t want to waste their precious hours in queues.

"Even for not so skilled cyclists (like myself) the daily limits were easily achievable and still allowed time for snapping the magic scenery along the way.

"Transfers were well organised to avoid very steep climbs or descents, or shorten the overall number of riding hours for elderly cyclists such as us. This was much appreciated and always very friendly. Transfers were also flexible enough to accommodate our needs.

"We are both happy to recommend the trip to others and have already done so. Many thanks for your assistance."
- Rhonda
Mangerton NSW, Australia

"We're back and we had a wonderful time. On the whole, the trip was two thumbs-up. My wife and I are in our late 60s and the "home base-biking/hiking" concept worked perfectly for us. The flexibility of the concept, along with the special attention provided by the tour company’s Michael Loetsch, was the key to a successful tour. He was outstanding. He "sized us up" perfectly and tailored our activities to our every need.

"In short, we give the tour an "excellent" overall rating. Our experience indicates the "day to day flexibility" in implementing the tour was a key element. It's a great concept and at a fair price. Good luck in the future."
- George G.
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Wine and Wellness in Slovenia

"Thanks for recommending this tour. My traveling companions and I agreed that it was one of the best tours and best-value tours we had been on. The caliber of the hotels and the restaurants that were included was excellent and the tour was well led by the tour guide. All of us agreed that we would recommend this tour to our friends."
- James C.
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Lake Constance Bicycle Path

"The bike trip was fabulous. We had a great time, and covered about 200 km. Not bad for three people in their early (and LATE) 70s!! All of the hotels were really nice. The luggage was always there when we arrived and the hotels were always ready for our bikes and us. We thought the itinerary was so carefully chosen, with enough time to enjoy the gorgeous scenery along the way, and the opportunity to get the ferry the few times we chose not to bike. The bikes were fabulous! The trails were very well marked and the weather was sensational until the last day when we hiked in the rain, but that was fun, too. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Thank you for all your wonderful planning."
- Melinda Harrison
Washington, DC

"We absolutely loved our trip - it was a lot of fun and even more enjoyable than I was expecting.

"We liked the bikes - they were very comfortable and we appreciated the storage that was provided. The customer service was excellent - the bike that was first delivered to me at the hotel was too big, and the gentleman was very gracious about making another trip to bring me a bike that fit me better. I also experienced a flat tire and he delivered a new bike to me at the museum I was at.

"The hotels that were picked out for us were terrific - very nice accommodations and friendly staffs.

"I have been telling everyone I know about what fun it was and I would like to do another trip next year. Need to pick out the right one. The Lake Constance trip was perfect for my level of fitness.

"Thanks for everything you did to give us a great, memorable vacation!"
- Tony S. 
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Castles and Wines in Northern Hungary

"We returned yesterday from our trip and it was fabulous. Peter and Marietta Beck were wonderful tour guides. I would recommend this tour to anyone. We stayed at the most beautiful inns and castles, ate really great authentic Hungarian food and just had a trip of a lifetime. Peter and Marietta truly found a way to combine cycling with history and adventure."
- Helga Grosskopf
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Highlights of Holland by Bike and Barge

"I have just returned from the Highlights of Holland (Bike and Barge) tour. The tour was wonderful, the food was excellent, and I have never met nicer people! I was especially impressed with our tour guide."  
- Jayne G.
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Tauern Bike Path: Krimml to Passau

"My wife and I got back last week after completing the Tauern Radweg trip from Krimml to Passau. Beautiful scenery, well-marked roads and paths, and lovely people. Hotels were excellent. This is the second trip we booked through you (first was Bolzano-Venice). We will definitely use you again, and we recommend you to all our friends."
- Paul and Lee Ann
Salem, Oregon
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Munich and Bavarian Lakes

"The bike tour was wonderful. I rode the same route 37 years ago when I was studying at the university in Munich. This time around, though, I had to ride a little slower and the daily distances were not as long. I will definitely book all future bike tours through Bike Tour Direct. Keep up the good work."
- Larry H.
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French Alp Challenge

"The tour was great. Everything went as well as possible. The hotels were nice and their staffs were all great. I would stay at each of them again for sure. The rental bicycle was perfect – very good equipment and no problems. I cannot wait to go again."
-Robert C.

Zwaan Bike and Boat Charter

"We had a great trip!!! The Zwaan was perfect for us, as were our guide, the owner/operators of the boat and the meals. The weather couldn't have been better as well! The windmills, tulip fields and small towns we visited en route were just great. I highly recommend the Zwaan and its entire crew: Captain Ilja Bendeler, his wife, Morya and chef, Sven. Our guide, Albert van Teeffelen was also great fun and very helpful to have along.

"Thanks to BikeToursDirect for your help in setting this charter up for us. You guys are batting 1000 as far as I'm concerned!"
- Steve S.
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